Sunday, June 25, 2006

Being Satistied with Life

This morning I woke feeling resolved on some things. Its a simple fact that I tend to be idealistic. This sort of gets me in a muddle now and again.
After having a long talk with a very wise man, I came to the conclusion I cannot change the world and single handedly have all the people in the world de-stress and live in a way where "things" don't matter as much as people do.
I can however live that way myself.
Here are the facts, I live in a small town, a small house, drive old cars, have old furniture, love books, have a zillion interests, love people, have some "stuff" around my house. Live life authentically. No hiding, the real me kind of thing. What you see is what is real.
No games. My house is clean, but sometimes there is clutter around. After all we all have projects and interests and work on them.
I have headed in many directions in life. Done lots of things simply because I live life with that childlike enthusiasm that I quote so often.
So, what is this all about.... simple. I am not going to worry about what I own, what I bought, what I buy or what I don't buy any more. Simple fact is, I don't over indulge in acquiring stuff, just get worried some folks might be thinking I am not practicing what I preach.
Saying all that, I squeezed my new books into one of the many book cases, hung up my little wooden thing with the drawers, and said to myself, life is good. Simple pleasures after all. I am hard on myself lots of times. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not over indulged of course, but enjoyed. God gave me this life, not the life of Mother Teresa, whose life I greatly admire by the way. We all do what we can, or at least I hope we all try to, to make life better for others in some way. We are not islands unto ourselves.
Ahh, sermon to myself done. Its in print so I can remind myself now and again that there is no need to be so hard on myself.
My blogs are about my life, my lessons, my mistakes and what I personally have learned. I am no expert.

What a magnificent journey life is, we get to learn more about it each and every day. We learn how to do better at living the life we have or strive harder to get the life we want. It really is exciting. There is so much good to grab onto and experience and grow from.

Time for me to watch Under the Tuscan Sun, one more time.

Todays picture.....

Driving through town where we shop, looking through the car window, with its cracked windshield. All the windshields in this area are cracked. No one fixes them, because it will just happen again. Too many rocks get fired at you from all the trucks tires. You just learn to be satisfied that the crack is not in your line of view, then you have to fix it.


JudyL said...

Sounds good to me! You continue to inspire me so much.

Any time you're feeling like you don't belong to those people from your previous life, think of all your new internet friends and what you, your family, your lifestyle and your writings mean to us!

Judy L.

Patty said...

Thanks Judy ! I needed your words tonight. Have felt like a fish out of water for a few days now.

Marci said...

Pat, we are who we are. We need to relax in it and not worry about what others think. If God doesn't mind and our husband's don't mind, then hopefully the others who do mind will be few and far between.

On the windshield being cracked... If you drive with a cracked windshield here, they pull you over, give you a ticket and a time limit to get it fixed. =)

Patty said...

They only pull you over in this part of Texas if it is in the drivers way or looks like the window has been caved in by a baseball bat.

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