Monday, February 06, 2006

Spring Fever, Food, Fabric and More

When the weather starts to warm up and the earth seems to explode with new life, something happens to me. I become anxious to take down the darker heavier curtains that grace our windows in winter. I want to play light and happy music on the stereo, filling the house with sounds of a lighter mood. I start to wish I had decorated the house with a more Tuscan or Parisian look. I get antsy for change in the spring. I start thinking of quiet meals outside on our cafe table and trips to Tuscany and the French countryside. I loose some of my simple living thoughts !
When I wake up in the morning my choice in clothing revolves around either exercise or that sort of "stepping out in style" look. I look at my collection of ladies hats and gloves and think, style and pizzazz ! The prairie look seems dowdy and feed sack looking to me now.
When I went food shopping this week, I dressed up, really dressed up and noticed I shopped a bit more healthy and perhaps a bit continental. I made choices to go along with the mood. Asparagus, different cheeses, lighter wines, yes wine, we drink a glass of wine in the evening. Its a cultural thing I am sure. My children even had watered down wine early on in life with a special meal. Tiny little cordial glasses, after age 7 or so.
I picked more baby greens and fresh fruits this shopping time. Feeling the need to eat less of the heavy winter foods we had been eating. No beef stews, no cream soups.
The approaching season was heavily influencing me. Later I stopped at our Goodwill store. Its the best around. I found a BRAND NEW Liz linen jacket, tags still on it, never worn, price originally $99. Matching pants too, the price on the original tag removed but they sold it as a set there for $8. My size. I was pretty happy.
Then I saw this little orange dress. Not one I would ever wear, but oh it was Italian, well made and reminded me so much of the dress you see on Juliet, the first time you see her in the movie French Kiss. She has on this darling orange dress and wide brimmed hat. She is gorgeous and that is when Meg Ryan sees her in the elevator with her ex-fiancé. Kate (Meg Ryan) faints on the spot. So, here at Goodwill is just that same kind of dress. $5. Its size 7, short and not something I would wear. I am after all going to be 52 and at this point in life the dress would fit only in my dreams. But, I bought it ! Yup I did. It is my inspiration to eat less. This little dress is hanging in my computer room. One look at that dress and I am determined to be that size once again in life. Not just for vanity of course, but for health. Oh, let me be honest that dress has little connection to my desire to be healthy brain cells, it has to do with, "oh la la" . Vanity only !
So in this same frame of mind, I fabric shopped. Naturally I fabric shop in many moods, but this time my choice was influenced by my mood to be in Paris in the springtime. I have been there but only in February and it was rather gray and dull. At any rate, I found this cute Michael Miller fabric called Springtime in Paris. Had to have a yard. Even this country girl, has some dreams and moments of fanciful thought. At Target right now, they have darling little Eiffel Tower items for $1 a piece. The salt and pepper shakers found in my basket somehow. They have helped my mood.
This mornings breakfast was my normal every day breakfast, the one I have had for a long time, with not much variation, except this time, by my plate stood the two tiny Eiffel Towers. Ahhh, Spring Fever... but reality is about to hit. Time to plant the onions, harvest more cabbage, do laundry and stain my new quilting frame. For that, I will put on some work clothes. But I may just let Josh Groban sing to me while I work.


Inga Helene said...

I smiled when I read your post today. You must have had a blast on your shopping spree. I also get spring fever, but I guess it is three months from now until my "disease" hits me.


Finn said...

It's just all 'too-too" grand my dear..spring and fashion and all that the thoughts and the hats and the fancy ladies. Reminds me of the paperdolls of the 1950's..with their grand costumes. And Jane Wyman with her tiny waist and full, full skirts..*VBS* Thanks for the memories..*S*

La Tea Dah said...

Ohhhhhh, a kindred spirit! I love the orange dress and I loved the movie, French Kiss. It's my best friend's favorite. . .and I adore Meg Ryan. Today as I was shopping at Hancocks, three German Baptist ladies, well dressed in black caps, sensible shoes, and lovely, proper dresses were selecting quilt materials in a sensible and lovely manner. I thought of you. . .but now, my perception must change. . .and such fun it is! Either way. . .you are perfect just the way God created you. Now, GO TAKE ON THE DAY!!!!!! PS: I love the hats and gloves! Where do you store them all? I have my grandmother's hankies. They may just be the finishing touch!

La Tea Dah said...

PSS: I just purchased a "Liz" item also. . .I love Liz Claiborne. It's a red, felt hat with flower. . .very lovely! Mine came from JC Penney's, but at least it was on their January clearance table. :)

HomesteadHerbs said...

We just saw French Kiss the other night! It's one of my very favorite movies (we fast forward a few scenes!)..."You mean you want to be a farmer?"

How funny you should mention travel! I've been itching to go exploring lately! Probably cause I've stayed put for 5 years....its in my blood! Instead, I do like you, and imagine myself on a Parisien cafe sipping an expresso and eating a croissant!

Bonnie said...

Your shopping spree sounds so fun! I love the orange dress (and the text to go with it) I too am eager for spring!

I just found out my oldest son Jason who lives in Arlington is bringing his steady girlfriend to meet us next month. Oh my, I'm a nervous mama..I haven't seen him in over 2 years!


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