Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Tried, I Really Did Try

In all honesty I went to the store to look at fabric with the idea of buying something a bit on the wild side. With my shopping cart, I walked back and forth down the isles, looking, touching and even picking up the bolts of brightly colored, wild patterned fabrics. I would try to imagine making something with them. Trying hard to see in my minds eye all the beautiful quilts on some of the blogs of quilters. Each time I would pick a bolt up, it would end up back on the shelf. To me, there just didn't seem a way to make them work. I then went to look at some prints. Again, my mind was like a blank canvas and there was nothing jumping off the palate before me.
Down towards the solids my cart slowly crept. I felt comfortable, familiar. My mind danced with possibilities of triangles and sashings of solids. Of quilting designs popping out on the solid colors. Somehow, the solid colors jumped into the shopping cart and soon onto the cutting table. I did find a nice tiny yellow print for a baby quilt backing (there is really a print to it) and a lovely dark green floral for $1 a yard.
And a rather dull but good filler of a rather non descript color somewhere between beige and caramel.
I also purchased some "functional" plastic table covering. The kind you have cut by the yard. Sturdy stuff and what I have used for many years but always clear plastic. Today I got one with a bit of a white lace pattern to it and sure enough, didn't the lady cutting it, ask me first off if I was wanting the clear plastic, when I said "no, the bit of white lace pattern", she asked if I was sure I wanted something that fancy. I am sure it was my outfit of long black skirt, black stockings, black shoes combined with an amish bonnet on that prompted the question. ( I often still wear one) I guess I just look like a plain person !
Maybe I should show her my collection of hats and gloves sometime so she can see my wild side


Alena said...

Oh, Patty, I think you did a great job... the prints you bought last time, didn't you? and these bolds are wild enough, bright and lovely time you should really wear one of your hats and a pair of gloves for your shopping the lady will be really intrigued whether you are not experiencing some kind of identity crises...:o)

Finn said...

You know Patty, I absolutely adore ALL the sides of are a person of many talents, interests and possibilities. You have such an appreciation of's wonderful..and so are YOU..! I love the "true to your nature" purchases today. It seems right...*VBS* Hugs, Finn

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