Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fashion Statements

Recently I was putting more of my old photos on CD and found this wonderful picture of my Grandmother making a fashion statement with the latest in Beach Ware, circa 1918. So wild and revealing, they had to take a picture !
I just love the layers. Not much chance for a sunburn.
True, we are just approaching spring, but that does mean summer is around the corner as fast as time flies these days. Surely a sign I am getting old, when a month seems like a week.
This morning when I was thinking about my little orange dress and dreaming of owning a big orange hat, I decided to take one more look at The Hat and dress in the movie French Kiss, so there I sit, posed in front of the TV screen, camera in hand, ready to snap a picture of that hat when Juliette appears in it. (I wanted to send a picture of the hat to my sister. ) As I looked at the picture, I thought about my Grandmother in her outfit to the beach in comparison to Juliette's outfit to the beach.
My, my, we surely have changed in the last 80 years or so.
Mind you, I was taking this picture while in a long pink sleep shirt with a tad bit of lace on the neckline for style, long red wool socks, and pale green yoga pants. Wonder if that was a fashion statement too ?


Sunny said...

Your grandmom is so cute? Is this the same one I heard quite a bit about in your childhood?

HomesteadHerbs said...

How wonderful that you have photos of your grandmother! I'd be hard pressed to find two!! I'll have to start begging the family for the old photos!

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