Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cozy Night

The evening had us all gathering around the woodstove to stay warm. The other end of the house is not quite so cozy and no one lingers in the other rooms. Melanie has spent the day with a warm wool hat on, while in the house. The other rooms are not horribly cold, maybe 62 or something like that. But the contrast makes it feel a bit more. We have piled on the blankets just in case someone forgets to get up in the middle of the night to put another log on the fire. Mornings can be a bit cold with no fire in the stove.
I spent a couple hours sitting close to the stove in my rocker, spinning some wool. After a bit I decided to do some sewing on a new dress I am making. When I sew my dresses, all the seams are double stitched, that is so when they get too worn for church they will become practical work dresses and withstand the stretching and pulling from doing chores. We have a late night guest coming to spend the night so they don't have to drive far in the morning on the icy roads. We are getting the bed ready now. One more place for breakfast. We always have room for more !
Time for a cup of sleepytime tea and then off to bed.

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Alena said...

Thank you for inviting us to have a glance in your house, always when I read your posts I feel as if I would actually be in your house and see and feel everything you describe with my own eyes and senses. This time I felt a bit cold together with your Melanie... Looking forward to see your dress finished... Have a wonderful Sunday, we woke up to a gorgeous sunny (but still chilly) morning
in Prague...

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