Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Perfect Day for a Run

Today its nearly 80 degrees out. The sun is shining brightly, there are a few scattered fluffy clouds in a perfectly blue sky.
I love to run, none of this jogging stuff, but run. Since I had pneumonia in December, I haven't been out running. That has been the hardest part of my recovery. My old lungs would protest every time I tried in the last few weeks, but today I knew it was my day. I put on my running shorts, tank top, favorite running shoes, pulled my hair in a pony tail and headed out the door. I had done about 20 minutes of aerobics with weights before that. The air felt glorious rushing past my face. The gentle breeze catching the escaped hairs from my pony tail and I was off, feeling lighter than air, as though I could be like a bird and just take off to the sky. I ran for about 10 minutes and then felt some tightening in my chest and started coughing so had to cut the run short but what a good feeling it was to be hitting the pavement again. I even like running on my treadmill but outside is beyond words to me. I came in headed for the shower and sprinkled some White flower ointment on the floor of the shower and when the hot water met that wonderful Chinese blend, my congestion fled. Love that stuff for so many reasons.
While I was walking through the house after my shower, I caught a glimpse of something white on the ground out front. Sure enough, there was a precious spring flower.
I had missed it when I went out for my run earlier. But now it caught my eye and it is meant to be shared.
Enjoy some of our Texas spring !


Sandra said...

It's waaay too hot here at the moment to even think about running! In fact, yesterday I would term the weather as "brutal". Boiling boiling hot with very high humidity. I thought about going for a walk this morning but it was too hot even then. I do love to walk in the neighbourhood having a look at what everyone has in their gardens. Mostly it's tropical plants up here, but when we move back down south, it will be nice to see some roses and more English-country-type gardens.

Sunny said...

Texas spring sounds fabulous. I love the white flower. It won't be spring here for a bit longer.

Inga Helene said...

Running is kind of fun. Especially afterwards when you feel refreshed. Some times it's hard to cross the sill, especially when the weather is bad. It sounds like your running trip was great.


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