Friday, February 10, 2006

An assortment of things

My husband is loving his new job at Ulrich Barn Builders. Its nice to be working for a Christian company and with people we have known for years. If you ever need a well built mini barn or shed, this is the place to have it made. Good solid Mennonite construction and work ethics go into each building.
It is a bit funny to us that we talk so much about how people buy and buy things as if it would make them happier only to find out they have a house full of stuff and empty pockets or bills from all the purchases and my husband sells buildings to solve the "too much stuff" problem.
So many people have storage units, garages full of things and no room for the car. Now they buy mini barns and shed to keep the abundance of things in. We even have heard of people having a second house just to keep all the stuff in. I cannot imagine it.
But today when visiting my husband it did occur to me that you could have a huge fabric stash if you had one of the mini barns they make and sell !
So many people are unhappy, so they over eat, or over shop. Its good for the economy I suppose and good for the banks that issue the credit cards, but not so good for helping to find happiness. Contentment comes from something different. A good life.
You can see some of the children's play houses the Barn Builders make. I love the little cabin best. Ulrich's also makes small cabins for people to live in. Maybe as a vacation home or a hunting cabin. They are nice enough to live in and the log siding is so pretty.
In the odd ball picture of the baby things, I am showing off a baby hat, scarf and booties I knitted for my daughters friend and made a little flannel quilt to match out of that pre-pieced fabric you sometimes find. I love making baby things !
Its late and time for me to have some study time and go to bed. Its been a busy week.
My prayers are with all who are reading this !


Finn said...

Hi Patty, I am in complete agreement with you..we have too much STUFF! And more and more the bottom line seems to be.."it's stuff".
Love the beautiful little hat and booties, and your flannel quilt turned out very nicely. The little playhouses really appeal to me, I suppose it is the child in us. I'd love to live in a little Tasha Tudor cottage, or a Little House type cabin. But where I am is my reality and I'm grateful for what I have..*VBS* Have a geeat weekend!

Rurality said...

Ha! I have to admit that we had to buy something similar when we moved from a normal-sized house to the tiny place we're in now... the plan was to get rid of all the *stuff*, but I had such a hard time parting with my hoard of books!

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