New Dress

Some of you have asked that I share a picture of the dress I was making last week. Here it is. Same pattern that I have had for 15 years. You just make adjustments for weight changes, hopefully always having to make them smaller ! There was a wedding this weekend and so time to make a new dress. Church dresses in time become work dresses, after a bit of wear starts to show.
The dress is made to be modest in keeping with the Biblical command to be modest in dress. The top part has an added layer called a cape. It is loose fitting and certainly does not show off any shape. The length of the dress is mid calf or longer. At least 3/4 length sleeves. Neck opening is close to the neck. Amish have no zipper or buttons. Mennonites use the invisible zippers most often. Amish and some Mennonites use only solid color fabrics. Other Mennonites allow for small calico type prints. Amish like to use polyester knits. I like cotton !


Sunny said…
We want to see it on you.
Alena said…
Yes, yes, yes, please!!!!!!!! Could you show us your picture wearing this dress? I find it really elegant, simple but really nice!
Finn said…
I find that as I age, there is comfort in things that are familiar. Not that "new and different" isn't nice, but a sturdy foundation of that which we know beats all. The dress looks lovely. I imagine by now you can almost make them by heart. I admire that you keep so many of the traditional ways, they are such a good fondation for day to day life. *VBS* Hugs, Finn
Favorite Apron said…
Patty and others - I have 2 cotton cape dresses that I'd love to find a home for. They were worn just a few times. About a size 10-12 and mid calf length on me ( 5"4".) One is dusty blue calico with elbow length sleeves - the other is brown calico with long sleeves. Very nicely handmade by Kings Daughters. They have lightweight invisible zippers under the cape so they are nursing accessible, but would be very comfortable for non-nursing wear as well.
I would happily swap for what-have-you.

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