Friday, February 17, 2006

Old World Lunch

Very often we eat a rather unusual lunch by most American standards. Deep within me runs a core of a true health food enthusiast. For years we have eaten more unprocessed foods than not. Now that may be hard to believe in view of some of the recipes and pictures I have shared, but they are just a small part of what types of food we eat. Today's lunch consisted of the foods shown in the picture, muesli bread, mission figs, pecans, almonds and ginger. Before these items we did have butternut squash soup, which was perfect for this chilly day. We ended our meal with steaming mugs of Pero, a drink from Switzerland made of malted barley, barley and rye. Its quite good. A bit of sugar and milk added to it.
Dala horses danced all over the table with this cloth from Sweden. The bright colors bringing a cheeriness to a rather cold and gray day. I love all things Scandinavian.
I had first purchased the fabric for curtains but decided to just hold off cutting it and have used it as a table cloth many times, but secretly I envision it as the backing for a quilt. I would love to make an appliquéd quilt top of bright red and blue dala horses. Someday ! First I need to learn how to appliqué.
The wooden spoon in the picture is one my father carved for me a couple years ago. The mug, is ceramic from England, made by monks and the glaze is called gun powder or something like that. I have two mugs from that monastery and they are treasures as they are no longer made. Today's music is Chant, a CD by Benedictine monks. I have a deep love of Gregorian chants and even taught my children Latin just so they would be able to understand what is being sung when we listen to my collection of Gregorian chants. The gift of knowing Latin has been far reaching for the children, far beyond just understanding chants.


Sandra said...

We have that drink too, but it's called Caro - same packaging too :-) I love the spoon your dad made - he did a wonderful job.

Sunny said...

That's a very interesting lunch. I actually took and almost posted a picture of my breakfast this morning. It was pretty typical of me when I'm not rushing off and have time to eat a decent hearty morning meal.
Canteloupe and fresh blueberries.
sliced tomato
fresh steamed spinach with fresh lemon squeezed on it
Pinto beans with salsa and cheddar.
Whole grain toast with olive oil.
Some fresh squeezed OJ with that.
It looked so pretty on the plate.
I'm still the big eater of mostly very simple foods and still can't handle cereal or anything sweet in the morning. In fact, basically I hate cereal.

Alena said...

The set table looks wonderful, we also have that Caro drink, I enjoy it quite often...
It is really great that you managed to teach your children latin, I was studing it during one year at university and the exam I found the most difficult of all I had ever sit for... uf...

Finn said...

Hi Patty, love the fabric that you are showing us on your table. And for it to live on the back of a quilt sounds perfect to me..*VBS*

I also love the Chant CDs and have several. The music is both so peaceful and yet so inspirint. I haven't listened to mine for ages now, but I'll be getting those CD's out today and playing them as I sew or quilt..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

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