$2 a yard

I needed all this, I really did. Seems I said that before.
They had more $2 a yard fabric at Wal-mart. It sorta called to me. For some reason the blue one with the bigger flowers just said to me, "I am made for a quilt, buy me" So I did. It is now time for me to say "Whooooaaaa" to buying fabric for a while The green fabric was $1 a yard. It would have been criminal to pass that one up.


Jodie said…
Very nice Patty, if only fabric was that cheap here in Oz! VBS
How could you resist blues and at that price!
Dawn said…
Patty, you recipes always make my mouth water! And oh your so right - that blue one with the big flowers is beautiful! I love that fabric! Hmmm, wonder if my Walmart has that fabric! :)
Sunny said…
Would have been poor stewardship to pass up a bargain like that.
Lucy said…
Oohhh I am so jealous ;c) .. Such a beautifull fabric and so cheap !!! It is real a gift for you :c)

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