Thursday, February 02, 2006

North Texas

This part of Texas is cattle country. It is open range and prairie. We have cowboys still, real ones that work the cattle. I wanted to show everyone how it looks around here this year. We are 22 inches below in rainfall for the past 12 months. Cattle are having a hard time finding anything to graze on. These steers look fat enough so the rancher must be feeding them hay.Hay is scarce too now.The lakes are 15-18 feet below normal levels. We have a lake near us and it was shocking last weekend to see how low the water level really is. This is a little river that feeds into the lake and usually its way up the banks. The water is usually NOT green.


Inga Helene said...

It's intersting to see how it looks where you live. So toally different from where I live. The weather situation around the world should a concern for all, especially the politicians.


Sunny said...

It has its own special beauty.

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