Monday, February 13, 2006

Ready to Quilt

The little nine patch is now ready to quilt. I just had to lay it on the table and pin the side to see what it will look like with binding. Its unpinned and in a hoop frame now and the quilting has begun. I am very anxious to get my new Grace Quilting Frame together but decided to stain the wood first so its still drying. I decided not to get the lamps that go with the Frame as the cost was climbing with each accessory. The day after the quilt frame arrived, my husband and I were at the Goodwill Store and sure enough, there were two brand new lamps for $10, the exact same as what is sold with the frame. Now I have lights for each end of the frame. I feel so blessed, as if the Good Lord provided this small item just for me.
Now I just need to choose which design to use for the quilting on the blue sashing. After laying out all my templates I realized there are not many options in my collection. Might have to make something up.


Wendy's Quilting said...

God is so good and knows our every need even lamps. His goodness never fails to amaze me!

JudyL said...

Patty: I just love it when God provides something so obvious that even a hardhead like me knows it had to be God!

There are a bunch of free online quilting designs. Here are a couple:


Alena said...

Patty, I am looking forward to see the first stiches on this lovely baby quilt... I hope you enjoy your favourite stage of the whole process :o)

Anonymous said...

hearts are always good on a baby quilt - or baptist fans and you can never go wrong with the beautiful feathers :-)

Finn said...

So happy to hear your frame is there and almost ready for use..I'll be anxious to hear how you like it..Great job on finding the lamps you need.

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