Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Got Tagged

This kinda thing is new to me but since my dear friend is the one that tagged me I am doing it for her. We have known each other for many decades ! Makes me feel old to say that. We went to school together. Shared many fun moments together and had more than one adventure together .
Visit her blog its a good one. See the link for Sunnys blog under the link section . I have no idea how you folks that blog get the link things by just typing in a name.

7 things I want to do in 2006:

Get to and Maintain a healthy weight
Spend time at the ocean
Write at least two magazine articles for publication
Be consistant at finishing a project before starting a new one
Do Yoga
Maintain a child like enthusism for life
Be more compassionate

7 things to do less of in 2006:
Eat junk food
Judge other people

Make excuses for not calling people ( I hate the phone)
Sit at the computer so much
Shop when I don't need to

Buy Fabric

7 ways I‘m going to be a better wife/mother/friend in 2006:
listen more each day, so thats 7 things, right ?

Not worry so much 7 days a week

FRIENDs (and sister)
Call them more. ( I hate the phone)

7 Scripture Passages I want to memorize in 2006:
Not sure . Seems to me you feel impressed with that kind of thing

as you read them

7 Books I’ve Never Read that I‘m Going to Read in 2006:
Not sure there either. Will take suggestions

7 Movies I’ve Never Seen that I’m Going to Watch in 2006:

Shindlers List
One about the Dalai Lama but I can't remember the name
The movie that follows Love Comes Softly
beyond that I have no idea.

I honestly have a really hard time sitting still through a movie

7 people I want to join in too:

Why limit it to 7 ?
Anyone who reads my blog and would like to can join by emailing me or answer in the comments section.


Sunny said...

Oh Patty, You're so funny. Wishing for more compassion indeed! You're already one of the most compassionate people I know.

PS I hate the phone too so, you know, don't feel all obligated to call me very often. LOL and I NEVER say that on the internet, but this time it is too true!

Finn said...

Good Morning Sunshine Patty, *VBS*, golly got tagged for some "me-me's"...I think you did very well with them..I always feel like I have two left feet when I get tagged..LOL.

So wonderful that you found some yellow fabric to buy..I love the warm yellows..the soft sunshine colors, buttery yellows and some that are bright like dandlions or daffodils. Not fond of the cool or grayed yellows at all. Until someone commented on yellow as a background color, I didn't realize how often I DO use yellow for that purpose. But it's a happy color, and unless the quilt is a mourning quilt, why not?? Hugs, Finn

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