Simple Fun

These pictures were taken by my oldest son Steven. For some time he was part of an Amish community up north and lived with a wonderful family. The children in that family had this little cart to play with to take the younger children for rides. Certainly simple toys to play with for hours at a time.
In the next picture you can see that young Amish boys accessorize their buggies with stickers and some chrome and some even have radios in them, contraband for sure.
Steven was admiring the buggies of some of the other young men. His buggy was rather plain and I think he was looking for some ideas. From a quilters perspective you can see the influence of some Amish piecing in the placement of the reflectors on the bumper. Again a simple bit of fun.


Alena said…
beautiful photos, Patty
It always amazed me when my girls were small that the favorite toys were always the simplest ones like the plain wooden building blocks, they would sit and build things for hours. I love the pictures too.

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