Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monday's Asian Shopping and Eating

Pho 95 is my all time favorite restaurant. Pho is a wonderful
soup. Served with lots of noodles, some fresh bean sprouts and mint.
You choose what kind of meat you want added to the soup.
Now this particular Pho restaurant does not have forks so you had better
be good with chop sticks before you go there. The other Pho restaurant in the picture is good but not as good as Pho 95. A couple doors down from Pho Hung is a chinese pharmacist that has an amazing shop and a good knowlege of Chinese medicine, which I am a real believer in. Yes, yes, I know I am once again breaking out of the mold of being what people expect.
We shop often at Hong Kong Market for our food. I grew up with Chinese neighbors and much of my formative years were spent eating Chinese foods and learning about the culture. This love of Chinese foods and culture is deeply rooted in me. We know what to buy and how to fix it. My girls are well acqainted with all sorts of Asian foods. Melanies boy friend is thai and so now we are now learning about thai foods. Many times we have meals of Tibetan foods or chinese foods or Japanese foods complete with the right music to make the meal complete. I love cultural diversity. Sunny needs to help me out with some Korean cooking !

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Sunny said...

Sunny is sick to death of Korean food (from that little episode of over-exposure to it not so long ago) and still never wants to eat anymore of it in this lifetime (a malady which is always recovered from). Anyway, you already know how to make kimchee and that's the gold standard of Korean food. But, just for you, if it will make you happy, you come on over to my house and while you are in this town (which remains unidentified for blogging purposes) I will be happy to take you to the restaurant where they have the best Korean food I have ever eaten in my life, bar none, including in Korea itself!

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