Wood Heat

It's not so easy to achieve the perfect temperature with wood heat. It is cold outside, but not inside ! Time to open a window : )


Dana and Daisy said…
Whew! I thought it was just me! ;)
Williams Arena said…
We bought a pellet stove this winter. It has a thermostat we can set. It is wonderful. We can't use a wood stove anymore because it irritates my son's asthma. We've had great results with the pellet stove.

There is nothing better than wood heat. I plan to stay parked in front of it for the entire winter!
... Paige said…
I bet you are having one of them thar personal summers.

About the pea soup, I love a good pea soup and would you could you share you secret? And I loves me some pancakes. Yummy

Now having said that, I'm not so sure about the togetherness of them :-)
Patty said…
Hi Paige, they do go well together, just think Swedish pancakes. Not the big stack with maple syrup on them.
The recipe for the soup is back a post or so in the picture that says Andersons Pea Soup, click it and you will see the recipe we use.
Patty said…
I heard pellet stoves are easier to control.
Marci said…
Mine can be this hot in the living room and about 40 in the far corner of the kitchen, which is basically all part of the same big room. :)
Patty said…
Hi Marci, I guess thats the part of homestead life that is a bit less glamourous : ) But I still love my wood heat
kutiekare said…
We have wood heat and just love it. We use a adapted barrel down cellar-it cuts down on the dirt and ash upstairs. We have a big register that came out of a country store. It heats our little ranch house just fine. When it get too warm (HOT!!)we throw a rug over the register. Hope you're feeling better.
Patty, I wanted to say how beautiful your new header with your dining room looks. And how I hope you are getting better!

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