What Exactly Does "Rest" Mean ?

The Doctor told me I needed to rest for a week. I suppose rest means different things to different people. I am pretty sure he meant the kind of "rest" that I consider "to vegetate" and that is next to impossible for me. I spent two complete days in my pajamas watching Hallmark movies. Drove me crazy ! I do not sit still well. I didn't feel good enough to do much so I watched Emery do my chores and fix my meals. Torture for me. Today, while Emery was at work, I thought about that word, "rest" and decided to use my own meaning. To rest is to do things indoors, that are not "work" related and don't cause you to break out in a sweat (fun stuff, in other words).
I think that's perfectly reasonable.
So, I took a shower, got dressed, then made a Christmas apron and fruitcake, then I sat on the sofa and watched Hallmark Christmas movies. What a restful day !
Every year since I was married, we have made Gingerbread men and GingerBears and so this gingerbread men fabric was a must for that job. Click HERE HERE and HERE to read about our GingerBear tradition.


Iowa Gal said…
I was looking at your mint green lamp in your previous post and am wondering if you ordered the lavender one in your catalog. I like gingerbread men too, I have both roosters and ginger bread men in my kitchen and they seem to get along fine. Hope you are feeling better........JAN
Patty said…
Hi Jan,
I have not ordered it yet, waiting until after Christmas.
I am feeling a bit better today and it sure is a good feeling to be on the mend.
Linda said…
It's hard for us to realize we'd all be better off when we begin to get sick if we just stopped, stayed in the house, and rested our minds as well as our bodies, we'd all get well much quicker. Glad you did that and are on the mend now.

I enjoy your pictures every day. Is your camera back from being repaired? I don't know new pictures from old pictures however.

I love the way you use lamps and candles in your house. My husband would never let me light a candle or lamp in the house but I certainly enjoy yours.

I can't imagine how many dishes you must have to be able to assemble these lovely pictures.

Hope you continue to feel better.
Patty said…
Hi Linda, not a whole lot of dishes, just a few well chosen ones and four sets of dishes that can accomodate the family...good china, christmas china (a gift to me) and an ordinary set of dishes and the very well loved, well used corelle ! All others are just bits and pieces.
My cousin and I have been reading journals which her grandmother kept during the late 1930's and early 1940's. I remember this lady as a slender, physically frail person who had never-the-less raised 6 children and lived as a farm wife. I was struck by how many times she used the term "rest". She would comment that she had done "the usual work", list whatever extra work had been accomplished for a day, and then would add that she "rested"--sometimes adding that she "rested and read." Rest means to me a time when I can deviate from the list of things that must be done, would be good to get done, maybe just to rest from my own expectations of what I want to undertake or finish. There is a connotation there that "to rest" means not to feel pushed or guilty over the usual tasks that we have let go in order to heal and renew.
I have to laugh at myself! I saw the first picture of the close-up of the apron and for a few minutes thought they were real cookies on a checkered tablecloth. I was actually wondering if you had found some kind of ribbon candy in the shape of bows! Then I scrolled down a bit more and laughed out loud! Well, I think you know what is restful to you, and I think you did it.
Mia said…
I think you have the meaning of rest well figured out. To do things we enjoy can be more restful than just not doing anything at all and feeling all the more frustrated for it. I do hope you are feeling better though!
Clara....in TN said…
Happy Anniversary Pat. I'm glad you are feeling better! Loved the post!
sandra said…
I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Doing fun stuff rejuvenates me way more than blobbing about on the sofa watching TV (although that has its place from time to time too). I love your aprons - must make some myself and make use of this excess fabric I have lying around - hey, they'd make great gifts! I'm sorry you've been so sick and hope you get better in time to enjoy the Christmas holiday.

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