Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cold Morning

The fire died down in the night. We didn't notice as we were comfy under mounds of covers. It was hard to get out from under the cozy warmth and face the cold floors and chilly air. Outside, fog and a thin layer of ice. Its been more like January weather than December weather. Yesterday was cold all day long. I kept wishing I had long johns on under my jeans while we were out.
Today the list of "to do's" is long. Having pleurisy for three weeks has put me far behind other years on holiday preparedness. Such is life, there are bumps in the road and I guess its just best to roll over them with a smile. I am just now printing out my Christmas letter that goes in my Christmas cards that hopefully get mailed today. There are still presents to wrap and cookies to bake. One thing I know for certain, the world will not end if the cookies don't get made !

Emery just called to warn me that the back steps are icy, so when I head out to do chores I will have to be careful. No doubt I will just jump off the side of the back porch and smile that I still do things like that at my age, not that I am old mind you, but some folks think you need to stop doing things like jumping off porches when you are over 50.

My fingers are cold as I type which tells me I had better get working on building a fire in the woodstove and set a big kettle on there for tea to warm me up. I have to remember we have a guest staying with us and they just are not used to this "simple living" kind of existence.


Dana and Daisy said...

Do you ever worry about pipes freezing when the fire goes out? I think I'd want a back up heat source just in case. But it probably doesn't get too far below 30 very often there?

Like you said, we're having January weather right now too! Brr!

cherylhotton said...

Is your guest staying with for Christmas ?

Leanne said...

Brr sounds cold.

I had to laugh at visiting the Christmas lights & displays - they all usually have snow theme - quite funny when NZ never has snow at Christmas - but I thought of you all in USA in blog land.

And go girl JUMP!!! Gotta keep you young!

Love Leanne

Patty said...

We don't worry too much about the pipes in the house freezing, the house is so well insulated it never gets below 50 in here no matter how cold it is outside

Patty said...

Hi Cheryl,
She will be here until the end of the month.

Tatersmama said...

Isn't if funny how we start "thinking" about stuff like jumping off the porch, once we get to a certain age?
My heart and body still want to do it, but my mind always says STOP!

Take care on those steps... and keep warm.

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