Mei-Ling Update

Mei-Ling is feeling much better.... thanks for all the prayers. It appears she had a virus of some sort. She is on antibiotics all the time due to her immune deficiency problems.


Sylvia K said…
I continue to hold good thoughts for her and for you and your family for the holidays, may they be joyful and blessed.
Tatersmama said…
What wonderful news.
I hope you all have a healthy and happy Christmas!
Peggy said…
Thats the perfect Christmas blessing... sweet Mei-Ling feeling better. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas. Filled with peace, love and laughter
Renee said…
So glad to hear she is doing better. Have a Merry Christmas!
Marianna said…
Good news! Have a blessed and very merry Christmas. Watching your two little grandbabies will be fun no doubt.


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