A Rather Dull Sunday

Although the pleurisy is doing much better, I now have with it, a horrid head cold. Melanie will be going to the Doctor tomorrow as it seems she too has pleurisy. She was so polite when telling me her symptoms, she remembered to thank me for passing it along to her ! I think we just caught it at the same place : )
Emery took me out for lunch today, a little celebration for our anniversary tomorrow. I suspect we will celebrate our 30 years together as man and wife, when I am feeling better.
This evening I spent some time sewing while Emery did chores. I made another Christmas apron, this one is for a gift. I like the fabric so much. There is another one cut out and made for another gift. Simple aprons like this are a no brain activity sewing project, since I have been making them since 7th grade...which means its been many many years.
Hoping tomorrow brings renewed strength and health so I can decorate for Christmas and get some projects completed.


Margo said…
Trust you will be well soon...I saw your apron and emailed 'The Apron' poem I received...thought it would bring back memories..oh what that apron was used for...collecting eggs, wiping off the side board, carrying the wood, wiping a childs tears and on and on..enjoy...Maine
Rondi said…
Sorry you've been sick, especially when there are some many things you love to do at this time of year. Hope you feel better soon!
Marianna said…
Prayers that both you and Melanie get better quickly and that noone else in the family gets sick!

cozythyme said…
Hope your feeling better soon but you sure don't waste any time even when sick! The apron would be such a cute little hostess gift. Could I ask how wide I should cut the material to gather on the waist band? Your giving me too many ideas! :} :} :} Thanks. Nancy D.
Patty said…
Hi Nancy,
I usually use the 44" wide part of the fabric. I like the aprons full. But it will work with 36" too.
Patty said…
Thanks Margo for that poem, it is great
Towanda said…
Patty -- Happy Anniversary to you and Emery!
Lucy said…
I hope you and melissa will recover soon!
Don Hendricks said…
Laura and I celebrate 33 years in a couple of weeks. I tried to make pea soup yesterday and it was a flavorless disaster. I could not get the soup to strain through anything and the pea pulp was not tasty. My wife reminded me that I have never successfully made pea soup.

Pastor Don in AZ
Patty said…
Hi Pastor Don,
I don't strain my soup, just cook it long enough that its a nice thick mush. pea soup needs several spices to enhance the flavor. I always add a dash or two of tabasco sause too.

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