Christmas at our house

Here are some pictures I just took of the living room...will take some photos of each room and post them throughout the week. I even decorate the bathrooms ! Will do a few of the whole living room when I am done with my mess of wrapping presents : )
I am not in love with the look of the fence around the wood stove, but I sure love that it keeps the grand-blessings safe.


Linda said…
Yes, Yes please do more. Is your tree real or artificial? It is gorgeous.
Patty said…
its fake, the wood stove seems to dry out a real tree too quickly
it looks great! so cozy and comfortable! and the gate around the stove doesn't look bad at all--in fact i think they fit right in. rustic, clean, simple, productive. just think of it as adding character...and yep, safety. you could even decorate them with a garland! :-) hope you are having a wonderful week, patty!
Dana and Daisy said…
your tree is really pretty! lol! I have never seen an inferior Christmas tree have you?

If those are tomte in the window, they can come live with me!

I also love those little felt elves on your tree. My mom had some and I wish I had some just like them!

Very pretty and simple. I also like your stockings, Perfectly red and green!
Marci said…
Is the little fence too close to the fire to hang some fake greenery type garland and some bows in it? Maybe a little string of white lights.
Patty said…
I'll have to check that out Marci. Might improve it greatly if its not too hot there
Marianna said…
Those little elves are adorable!!
aimee said…
I LOVE your tomten!! In fact that is how I first found your blog (I was doing a search on how to make them). They are absolutely adorable!
TY for sharing them (and your life) with us. :)
Blessings, Aimee
Renee said…
I can't wait to see more of your's gorgeous. Hope you're having a great week.

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