Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Taking Time

Last night as I was doing chores the sky was transforming into a magnificent splash of color right before my eyes. At first there were pale shades of peach and turquoise, blended with the lightest gray. I stood looking in awe at the beauty of it and smiled a bit thinking about how just a few years ago, these colors were the rage for southwest decorating schemes. By the time I was to the milk barn, the colors were already deepening, stronger colors, bolder, but not in the least bit garish. While Cinnamon was on the milking stand I hung on the gate. Arms folded. Just looking at the vast sky, soaking in the way the colors faded out from west to the east. You would not be able to see what I saw, if you were in the house, even if you were looking out the window. I saw so much more than just the sunset. I saw the way the leaves caught the orange glow from the now bright and bold colors of the sinking sun. I saw the sky in the east catch what hues it could from the wonderful event taking place on the opposite direction. I saw the whole palette of colors blending together.
I reminded myself on the way back into the house that this is what this simple life is all about. There was no rushing, there was nothing pressing hard on me, there was time to take and time to stop and enjoy what was before me, never ever to be again. It was a fleeting moment that could not be enjoyed again in this way. I am not carrying with me worry, fear, stress or the baggage that so often comes with keeping up with anyone else. I am not stressed out over what to eat, what to shop for and I wasn't even thinking about what clothes I should be wearing.
Camera is still in the shop being fixed so here are some of my favorite sunset shots that show the same colors I saw last night

Life is good.


Julze said...

Oh the JOY of the Lord is our Strength! What beautiful photos Patty!

May the Lord continue to bless and touch your heart!

Dana and Daisy said...

we've been having some spectacular color in our sunsets lately!

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