Monday, December 15, 2008

Evening Chores

As I call the goats this evening, tiny puffs of warm air spring from my mouth. Its so cold. I stomp on the layer of ice covering the goats waterer and am a bit surprised at how thick it is. The light from the lantern gives the milk barn a soft golden glow and gives off just a bit of warmth. I find myself warming my fingertips up by it while Cinnamon munches on her grain. The sweet feed is frozen and is hard to scoop out of the feed bin. That doesn't seem to bother the goats one bit. I pull my hat further down over my ears and wish I had thought to wear a scarf.
I love the smell of the bales of hay in the feed area of the barn. The two cats are curled up in furry balls on top of the hay. They don't even seem to notice I am there. I put a bit extra feed in their dishes hoping it helps build up some fat for the winter months. Looking at the swelling tummy's of the goats I wonder if it will be a cold February when kidding time arrives. Maybe there will be some long nights in the barn, but I hope not. The wind chill is 13 right now so no desire to linger longer than I need to. Goat chores done, I head on to the hen house and gather eggs. The lantern doesn't light the nesting boxes very well so I reach into the nests with a bit of caution. Not anxious to feel another snake...but I reason its too cold for a snake, too cold for lots of things that go bump in the night. Eggs safely in the basket, its time to head to the house. I can smell the wood smoke from the stove and it reminds me that warmth is just a few feet ahead. Happy to be inside for the night..... Good conversation with Emery peppered with a few laughs makes the evening just perfect.
Life is good, it really is.


Dana and Daisy said...

Just imagine if you were in Northern Minnesota! But yes, no matter where you are tonight, it's cold!

I love getting to see the tender thoughts you and Emery share in front of us. Aaw! True Love!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Patty, I don't think you got my comment this morning on the wild birds post. Could you tell me the plant you photographed? Was it a kind of kale of something else?

Patty said...

Hi Kristi,
Its collard greens. Your comment just came through now and I answered it there as well : )

Peggy said...

Thats a perfect evening in my book!

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