Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve at Our House

New years eve at our house is nothing fancy and there is no party. Most years we never make it to midnight or even try to stay up that late. It is for us a passing of one day into another. Tonight, while walking towards the house after chores were done, I saw thin wisps of smoke rising from the chimney, pale against the last orange rays of the sunset. I could see the light from the kitchen shining through the back door and it looked like heaven to me. The perfect new years eve. Lamps lit, the tea kettle hissing on the stove and supper ready to eat. Life is good and even though the year changes on the calender tomorrow, it will be another day in which we try to live better just as we did today.


Rondi said...

Happy New Year, Patty!

What kind of puppy are you getting?

Patricia said...

Sounds wonderful.... and you make it sound so very lovely with your artistic writing. Have a blessed 2009!

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