Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Christmas Season Let Us Try

"This Christmas season let us try
To do some golden deeds,
To carry someone’s burden,
To help someone in need.
There are always those who need us
As we journey on life’s way,
And the friends we win by helping
Make us richer every day.
So when you see a saddened face
As Christmas time draws near,
Do your best to lift the load
And spread a word of cheer."
From the book, "Getting Ready for Christmas"
written by an Amish woman, Emma Lapp
the photo is of my children over a decade ago and some friends breaking up the ice on the local intersection so the cars would not spin out. They had such fun doing it

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Julze said...

I love that poem!

I did my good deed recently when at the service station one evening to buy milk. A woman with a moped was trying to see if she could get a couple of dollars gas to get her home on credit. I only had $5 and was planning on buying a 2litre container of milk. Instead I bought a 1litre and gave the remaining couple of dollars to her for the gas. It wasn't much but she was so grateful...and it made me glad that the Lord had sent me out to get milk (because we'd run out)and I had just enough to get a little for us and gas for her.

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