Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Quiet Life

It seems like no matter where you turn, the wisdom for us is all the same. We are too stressed in this modern world and we need to have some quiet time. We need to turn off the technology for a few hours each evening, slow down and either pray, meditate or both. We sleep less, rest less, and keep running at a pace that our bodies seem to rebel at.
I was doing chores tonight, sitting next to the goats as they ate, watched the sky turn from light to dark. I heard the wind blow, birds sing and the pitter patter of drizzle as it fell on the metal roof of the barn. It was meditative. Each breath I took in this natural world was like moving along with the very rhythm of nature. At that very moment in time I wanted to dump all the technology and just live more like the Amish. It sounds pretty good right now, to live the quiet life 24/7


Valerie said...

This post just makes you stop and think. I am praying for the baby. I hope she gets well soon.

Julze said...

I would love to live like the Amish too!

Jacran Cottage said...

I go through periods where I would like to live like Amish and Mennonites. Their life looks so simple and peaceful from the outside, but I'm sure they have stresses of their own. Still, I agree with you about our need to turn off the technology once in a while!

Hope Mei Ling is better for the holidays.

Wishing you and your family peace, joy, health and happiness during the holidays!


Dana and Daisy said...

Dear Patty:
Thank you for the humble and true friendship you've offered me this past year. May your Christmas be filled with healthy, happy children and loved ones.

Love, Dana

Lucy said...

Merry Christmas Patty, to you and yrou family. Hope Mei Ling is feeling better

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