Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Things We Never Forget"

Things We Never Forget
~Nadine Brothers Lybarger~

There's a lot of nice things about Christmas
Things we never forget . . .
The toys we got and the fun times we had
At our Christmas parties, and yet . . .
I think the best of all was when
The neighbors gathered 'round
Grandmother's old fashioned kitchen
And sacked up pound after pound
Of peppermint sticks and jelly beans
And sugar curls, until
There was enough that everyone Would get their fill.
There were barrels of nuts and oranges
And candied apples, too,
And even the children present, had
An important job to do.
There's a lot to tell about Christmas
That makes a pretty rhyme . . .
But there's nothing more fun to remember
Than candy-sacking time.

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novascotiagal said...

I have been reading the Little House on the Prairie series for the first time, and finding a lot of inspiration in it. The joy found in simple pleasures, even just the beautiful light through the cranberry sauce in a glass bowl set on the table for Christmas, is making me pay closer attention to the delight of familiar, but lovely things around me. It's changing Christmas for me - not dramatically, because I always wanted the spirit there, and never bought into the commercialization of it - but it's changing my focus, so now I know what I'm striving FOR, and how to get there, rather than just being dissatisfied with the Christmas hustle around me.

Simple feels good.

(So glad you are feeling better.)

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