Sunday, December 14, 2008

Got My Camera Back

One of the first things we did today was head off to the store to pick up my camera. They did $200 worth of repairs on it and thankfully due to an extended warranty, we didn't have to pay a cent. I snapped the first picture just as we got onto the highway to see how "she" was working.
Emery and I did some Christmas shopping and we even saw Melanie and Mei-Ling in one store, they were doing the same thing we were, picking up a few last items.
It was the first time I had been out shopping for what feels like a long time. I have to admit by the time we got home I was ready to nap. This pleurisy thing is miserable. I will have tremendous sympathy for anyone that has it from now on.
Tonight I will be wrapping presents and addressing some Christmas cards. I love this season of goodness, just wish it lasted longer on the hearts of all people.
Its strange weather here today, about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. We had windows and doors open and people were shopping in shorts and tee shirts. But tonight, old man winter will come to visit again and tomorrow will be shivering cold with the chance of ice. I like the cold weather so much more...makes it feel like Christmas. Emery is bringing in lots of wood and kindling for the stove tomorrow. Tonight we will kick back the quilts and tomorrow we will be piling them on.
I suspect the cold kitchen in the morning will inspire me to do some baking for our German Christmas party coming up. Life is good...I have my camera back !


Linda said...

I'm delighted to see the camera. Make lots of Christmas pictures for your blogger friends. Portland is covered in snow tonight. It feels and looks like Christmas. I've had a good today staying inside where it's warm and watching the snow fall all day.

Morning's Minion said...

75 degrees is absolutely balmy! Wyoming is in the grip of a cold spell with below zero temps for the next few nights. Sheets and towels froze on the porch line and had to be finished in the dryer. [If you leave wash on the line overnight the wind is apt to come up and the laundry ends up in the next county!]I've kind of given up on the "things I could do before Christmas" list--it is hibernation time.
Glad that you and Mei-Ling both continue to improve in health.

Julze said...

What a blessing to have your camera back! I love your Christmas decorations, especially the snowman. We celebrate a summer Christmas here in New Zealand.

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