Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Joy of Gift Giving

The living room floor is covered with bags of gifts, Emery and I have been sitting cross legged sorting the gifts into piles and filling bags with goodies to fill stockings for each other, all in preparation for the wonderful day when we in some small way, give tokens of our love to those we care so much for.
After an hour or so, we have wrapped most of the gifts and have the ones heading off to those loved ones far away, ready for mailing in the morning. A task of love. I really didn't know much about the history of gift giving but found these two sites rather interesting.


cherylhotton said...

Do you still stick to your rule of $25.00 per person ? We tried that too after reading that you did it !

Patty said...

we sure do !

Kim said...

lovely decorations in the spare bathroom. I ejoyed the links to the traditions on gift giving thank you. We're getting snow dumped on us today. Could be 8" my midnight and more coming. Sounds like a wonderful day to make cookies with the teens and finish the tree.
Enjoy your day.

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