Thursday, December 04, 2008

Counting My Blessings

It's a good day for me to count my blessings. It doesn't matter that I am not feeling well, actually I hurt like crazy but that's probably one of the best times in the world to sit back and just look at all the wonderful things in my life. There are so many.
First on the list this morning is probably going to be modern medicine.
I am thankful for antibiotics !
and for a husband that is so caring and kind. Emery is a very kind person and what a blessing that is. Such a good example to our children and me.
for a warm fire on a very cold morning
for the well wishes and prayers from so many.
for fresh water to drink, something we just take for granted.
for children that care so deeply and are worried when I am sick, its so sweet.
for grand-children that are so filled with wonder and awe at the world around them.
for fall winds that blow the leaves off the tree just as it should year after year.
for the brightness of the morning sun.
for the smell of wood smoke.
for the beauty of well written words in old books.
for the comfort of faith.
for Gods guidance that has helped us have a good family so filled with love.
for peace in our home.
for the ability to love deeply.
for the joy of the Christmas season.
for a Doctor that is a godly man.
for wool socks.
for a woolly shawl that has years of memories held in each fiber and still warms me.
for the flickering sunshine and shadows, dancing on my desk.
for a big pot of soup simmering on the wood stove.
for being content.
for having a like minded husband, oh that is a big blessing !
for a life that is not like a soap opera.
for the garden, still giving us good food to eat.
and so much more......


Morning's Minion said...

I'm glad you have been able to make that pot of soup and give us word that you will be recovering.
Enjoy the warmth and the reality of the blessings. rest and return to wellness.

sunny said...

Feeling any better yet?

Julian said...

bless you. Eat the warm soup, sit in a chair by the fire and the window, and cozy up under the covers with a coffee and a Bible. You are in my prayers. Thanks for encouraging us every day. What a blessing you are to so many.

Aunt Jenny said...

I hope you are feeling lots better.
I grew up about 45 min. north of Pea Soup Andersons...and still think that recipe is the very best!!
Have a cozy night!!

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