Friday, December 05, 2008

The Color of My Little World This Week

Strange how things work out. First off my antibiotic is a lovely shade of turquoise, then Emery comes home with Excedrin back and body, which turns out to be a similar color. Then my wonderful box of Vicks scented tissue is that same color and to top it off, Emery came home with Gatorade for me that is the same color as everything else, (not his intention) so, this illness has resulted in a totally color co-ordinated look for my coffee table. I am thinking I need new pajama's and a blanket !
I am feeling a bit better, less pain as long as I keep up with the Excedrin for the pain. I am sure all the prayers and well wishes are helping. It is very hard for me to NOT do things like the chores etc. Emery has been vigilant in keeping me resting. And so many friends call and leave me reminders on Facebook to just do nothing but mend. It's so sweet.


TJ said...

Looks like you are on doxycycline? That's what they give me quite often, and looks just like that.

Take care, and I think turquoise is a cheery color, so hopefully it will lift your spirits too as you rest.

Patty said...

Thats just what it is TJ, but somehow it doesn't like my stomach all that much. I have to take it for 2 weeks : (

JudyL said...

I didn't even know they made Vicks scented tissue. My Vicks is never far from me. Sure hope you're feeling better soon.

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