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One of Our Biggest Blessings

Mei-Ling and Melanie came for a visit this morning and naturally I had the camera ready.
This wee one has already gotten to the point where she knows the sound of the camera being turned on and looks right at it. She is such a happy baby, its just hard to remember that she has so many health issues.
She has had so much fun at Grammies house that a nap was soon in order. Here she is sound asleep in her bright red pram.

Count Your Blessings Monday

It's a bit difficult to count my blessings each Monday, simply because there are so many and I never know which ones to choose..if I listed them all, the list would grow into a book.
I have to think about today, how it started, and consider the thoughts of the last week, take into account the events that have taken place in the past few days and draw a list from these things.
Our family is blessed, richly blessed.
the blessing of love, acceptance and compassion.
the blessing of kindness by friends, and loved ones.
the blessing of joy and happiness, the deep kind, the kind that carries you through any rough sea.
the blessing of the written word.
the blessing of self expression, art forms and language.
the blessing of good mental health, you never realize that until you encounter someone who suffers from emotional problems.
the blessing of hope and dreams of the future.
the blessing of children.
the blessing of meditation and prayer.
the blessing of natures gifts.
the blessing of the seasons.

Goodwill was really Good Today

Another wonderful day at Goodwill thrift store. I found 8 cassette tapes, 2 Altan, 2 Clannad, 2 Lorenna McKennitt and 2 of Renaissance dance music. All music I love ! Then the best find was these two like new bags from J Clayton International One is the business bag that sells for nearly $50 new, perfect for my knitting needles and knitting books. The other is the "Classic" bag which sells for $40. Perfect for keeping my craft supplies in or maybe just as a purse, can't decide yet. There are wonderful pockets inside. Each bag was $3 each ! I felt so blessed, so thrilled to find just the music I love too. We have an old car, 1991...we are a bit eccentric about old cars, we just hold on to them until they die and since Emery takes such good care of them, they live for a long time, anyway the car has a cassette player in it. New music is always fun.
It's almost like all the things I have wanted are just po…


Life is a teacher, that is if you take the time to be an observer and a student. Many years ago I took pictures on one of the first dates Emery and I had together. As it could happen in the old days, the film broke in the camera and the only way to fix the problem was to open the camera in a dark place and remove the film. As dark as the room seemed to be, it wasn't a "dark room" and the film was slightly over exposed. When Emery saw the pictures he thought I ought to just throw them out as they were light and not perfect. He was a perfectionist. I laughed and said, "no way, someday they will be treasures even in their imperfection". I kept them. Of course now, these pictures are treasures, not for the quality of them, but for the very moment in time they captured and the memories they awaken. New love, first dates, all that wonder and magic of a beginning that has kept on giving joy through all these years. Emery is a wise man. He is a student of life and list…

A Beautiful Service

It's been years since I have been to a church service that has left me feeling good when I walked out the door. Today was so refreshing, so calming, so holy, so beautiful. The preacher preached a fantastic sermon, the music was exceptional, the people were friendly and sincere. We felt so welcomed and then the baptism, which was more a healing dedication type thing was so filled with love and beauty that it left me silent. Mei-Ling was her delightful self, full of smiles, that is until the healing holy water was put on her, then she cried, but only for a moment ! It was simply a beautiful day.
Here is the morning in pictures !

A new day

The road before me, familiar but today it feels new and is showing some element missed in the hundreds of times I have seen it. At the intersection of our road, waiting for traffic to clear so I could cross, the road our home is on, lay like a giant piece of licorice ribbon candy, hill after hill, with a stripe of yellow down the middle. Trees in the valleys appearing to be down on the tops of the hills, the green tops brushing the road, but its only an illusion. Their solid brown trunks hidden by the hillside. Homes full of families, reminding me of tiny play railroad houses, these, real but unknown to me, real love inside the walls and no doubt real struggles.
Flowers planted in yards, some tended with care, some planted rather randomly and lacking attention, much like a child's hair needing to be combed.
Today, Mei-Ling will be christened...and in the true flavor of individuality, the very one we nurtured and helped give wings to in our children, this child will be christened in …

Poetry Find

This poem is good. And although the title is a bit misleading, (it has nothing to do with worshipping the dead, as in dead people), but about worshipping things that have no life, it hits the nail on the head about our love with things. Found it on the web.
A Poem by Larry Lyle
Worshiping the Dead
We must stop equating happiness with possessions
One has nothing to do with the other
I am in total amazement of this obsession we have with objects
Unfeeling, unloving, and incapable of returning affection
They are inanimate, cold, with no life of their own
Yet, we are all collectors,
Acquirers of the dead
Why do we forsake life for the lifeless?
There is so much alive,
So much to love, so much to touch
Love is truly in the air
So why do we invariably turn our attention to that which cannot accept
It makes no sense,
Not when the entirety of the human race is starved of love
So today, I choose to touch a heart
To give a smile
To be uplifting to my fellow man
All of which will cost me nothing
All of which will…

Being Real, Being You

So much talk on blog land about living this way or that way. We set ourselves up sometimes to roll in the mud of being discontent. We read blogs, reading only the stuff that they want us to see. We see only clean houses, pretty houses, sweet families. We look at our own reality and think, gee whiz I want life like that, so pretty, so serene, so different from where I am. So we set out to imitate, we seek to be like, we put on another skin, only to find out it doesn't fit, because the core of our being is shaped differently. Anyone who knows me well, or has known me for any length of time, knows I am a firm believer in individuality. I march to my own drum beat and every single time I try to push that mindset down and try to conform to any kind of mold, I get uncomfortable. It never works. I need to be me. You all know that simple living is for me. None of this rush rush, mad dash, grab it all, keep up with the Jones' for me. I like not being tied to the grid. If suddenly the …

True Success

Success: To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded! ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~
My beloved gentle man personifies this quote. You are so well loved Emery, and have shown the world that there is such a thing as a resilient child. Moving so far beyond where you came from. I just wanted to share with the world, the wonder of this man I call my best friend, husband and who has passed on to our children the most complete example of how to be successful

Night Beauty

As the moon passes across the night sky, there is beauty all around. Fireflies light up the sky like tiny fairy folk dancing through the dark blue night. Flowers blooming, delicate and rich in color, so vibrant in the cameras flash. Night sounds appear, singing, humming a tune that belongs only to the moon and the stars. Coyote yip and howl, it sounds so lonesome.This night is filled with life.

Count it All Joy

Life is strange at times. This morning I woke feeling so filled with joy, so full of the wonder of life and then the phone bad thing happened, no accident, no illness but rather the kind of call that reminds me of the story of Job. Job 1:9 "Does Job fear God for nothing?" Satan replied. 10 "Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land. Then Job was tested to the core of his being. The test of mine this morning was not like Jobs, thank God, but yet, it was in a way. The very peace I wrote about was removed in an instant. Stolen, no wait, I allowed it to be taken by someone for a brief time. The part that went wrong was that I allowed myself to be taken in, pulled into the negativity. Pulled into the quicksand before I even knew what happened. It's extended family stuff. Isn't that always the worst ? As fast as water drops …

Overwhelmed by the beauty of life

This is one of those mornings when I feel overwhelmed by the beauty of life. As I sit here at the computer, my heart is so full. No, nothing earth shattering happened to make me feel this way, nothing profound, just life as it is. It's hard to explain. I feel so amazingly blessed, a wonderful husband, that I can laugh with, cry with, feel safe with, and feel a depth of love that I cannot even try to explain. I am blessed with children who tell me all the time what a good mother I am. I just blush and say thank you, but inside it motivates me on to be kinder, more generous, more loving to them. I feel so blessed that I have never had to work outside the home since starting our family. For Emery and I that was important. I quit work as soon as we found out we were having a child. I still love being is a haven, and a fortress against the hard things in the world. I am sheltered from so many storms of life by the life we have chosen. But, yet within me there is still Indepen…

Show and Tell Friday

There are certain things in our family that are traditions for several generations. Bearing the middle name of St Clair is on and the other tradition is wearing this baby dress. In the first picture, my grandmother, Alexandra Mae born in 1902 is wearing it. She as about 8 months old in the photo. My mother wore that dress, as did each of my sisters and then I did too. My sisters daughter wore it when she was Christened in the Methodist church in 1971. Melissa Mae wore it when she was 8 months old as did Melanie. It hangs now in our guest room, needing some repair work done to it before Mei-Ling can wear it. Mei-Ling will be the 5th generation to wear this dress. I have always felt honored to be the one has this small frail piece of history to pass on to the next generation.
Please visit Kelli's blog to see all the others who are sharing in the fun of Show and Tell Friday

Storms from the south

In minutes, the air changes, cooler, filled with some element of tangible unsettled-ness. I felt a strange sort of anticipation for this storm. So many dragonflies...they seemed to be flocking towards some safer area. A large egret, fighting the winds to escape the rain filled clouds that were ready to break open. Leaves ripped from tree branches too soon, flying to the ground in round about ways, delaying their landing as long as possible. Sprinkling of rain first, then more and more drops fall, just as I make it to the back porch, it is pouring out. The rains explode the fragrance cells or whatever they are on the plants, the trees, the flowers, the grass and the soil, making the whole outdoors alive with fresh scents that draw you to raise your nose and sniff at the air, trying to identify what these wonderful scents are.I love the rain today, it has turned this very room into a sepia scene. Taking on a touch of the old photograph look. Rain now falls in steady streams off…

Non-Violent Parenting

I was reading through some of my other blog posts and came across this story I had posted quite a while ago on that blog. I love this story, it is so opposite of how most of us deal with problems, yet it speaks of such parental wisdom and honest seeking of answers. Emery and I did not always show this kind of wisdom, but it was always our goal to and it still is our goal. Parenting doesn't end when your children grow up and leave the nest, parenting just changes a bit. If you have done the job right, then parenting young adults becomes more listening, offering advice WHEN ASKED and sharing lifes lessons, not as a lecture, but as wisdom. A child is never too grown for a hug and words of encouragement.
NON-VIOLENT PARENTING Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-violence, in his June 9 lecture at the University of Puerto Rico, shared the following story as an example of "non-violence in parenting":"I was 16 years o…

The Birth of A New Day

I was surprised by the cold-ness of the wet grass this morning. The dew heavy, weighing the tiny blades of green down. My bare feet now wet with clinging bits of dried grass all stuck to them. One more step would lead me to a better spot to take a picture of the morning sky, and then another step and another would carry me off to the enchanting colors of this new born day.
I suddenly remembered the large snake everyone in the family had been seeing. One day this rat snake was in the wood stored in the beams of Emery's work shop. I didn't like going in there now, wondering if something was slithering over my head, dark darting eyes watching me. Gives me the creeps ! For the next few steps in the wet grass I was mindful of where my feet landed, but then the power of the moment became stronger than worry over stepping on a snake with my bare feet. Huge bumble bees dived into the morning glories, hungry to do their work. Leaves from the old worn out cottonwood tree are already fall…

As Day is Done

Just as the sun was setting tonight, this was the view from our front porch.

Gathering and Harvesting

Hens fly out of the hen house anxious for some juicy tid bit to eat. I check the nest boxes and gather up the days eggs. Greens and browns..the green eggs will always make me think of the book "Green Eggs and Ham". The youngest of the hens head back to the hen house for their turn at the grain. Its often a tough life to be the youngest in the flock. The rooster heads off to check on his "gals". Head held high, he raises his voice high. With the eggs gathered and the chickens all fed, I head off to the garden to find a few ripe tomatoes to slice as a treat with our evening meal. Its a good life, this simple life. Wandering from one little job to the next, listening to the birds sing, watching the butterflies flutter from one flower to the next, and breathing deep, the fresh air. Nothing rushed, nothing demanding more of me than I can give. Just good old fashioned daily chores.

Mei-Ling Smiles for Grammie

Mei-Ling has to put up with Grammie taking lots of pictures of her. Today was no exception. I took some of the plain clothes out of storage and put them on her. It was like going back in time. She looked so cute in the little black leather shoes, black stockings and simple dress. In the last picture she did look like she was saying to me, "you want me to smile again ?" It's hard to imagine but she will be three months old in just a couple of days. Time sure flies !


Recently I rejoined a list I had been on several years ago. It has a lot of young women on the list who from time to time ask for advice, but rarely do they take it. What they really want, is what this poem say so well below. I just had to share it as it speaks volumes of truth, except the last line is not the road I would take ! But it is true, we all want acceptance, someone to listen and from time to time asking for advice is just a forum for complaining.

Nobody Wants Advice
by Phil Simborg
Some people ask you for advice,
When what they really want is approval.
People ask you for advice,
When they are really looking for your support.
There are people that ask you for advice,
But what they really want is a chance to complain.
Some people ask you for advice,
When they really don’t want you to do anything but listen.
There are people who ask you for advice,
That are only happy to hear your advice if you agree with them.
There are those who ask you for advice,
When they are actually looking to have…