Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

It was a beautiful day yesterday. But also full of danger for those having to drive in this icy mess. I was fortunate and able to just stay put. A bit of a walk around the place and then just lots of looking out the window. Most of the day I was busy feeding the incredibly hungry wood stove. Tonight the wind chill is 15 degrees. A cold night, perfect for finishing up the baby afghan for Melanie and Casi's wee one. I have just a little left on the edging and then just some blocking and its done.
For a long time today I sat in my rocker next to the stove and watched the many many birds at the feeder. Poor little creatures have to eat a lot since they burn so many calories just to stay warm. Two kinds of woodpeckers fought over the orange flavored suet block. It was amusing to watch them bicker and squawk at each other. They just could not be content to take turns. How much like some people ! The other birds seemed content to share the feeders.
I also spent some time thinking about folks that like confrontation. Thinking about how I want to respond to the recent rather negative comments left on this blog. I kept wondering about what makes a person want to be less than pleasant. I suspect it is that they have pain and suffering in their life. Hurt perhaps and disappointment. So the best we can all do for this situation is to pray for them and pray their life becomes happier. Pray that some joy fill each day for them. I am not sure anyone has had a perfect life. I haven't, but trials do create steadfastness and strength. Everyone has had trials, hardships and times of intense loss and pain. There is a saying that goes something like this, hard things can make you either bitter or better, the choice is yours.
Out my window , I saw colors that delighted my soul. The sky, marvelous grays, so subtle in contrast, yet full of beauty. The ice encrusted trees gleaming in the moments of sunlight. Chandeliers in the sky catching the light, crystal like. As the day went on, some of the ice on the roads melted and dried, for this I was grateful, but the trees held onto their splendor, for this I was grateful too. Beauty in nature is balm for the soul, if you take the time to notice that is.

The Cottonwood dressed in Ice

There is a little woodshop next to our property and it looked so cozy surrounded by the ice covered trees and bushes


Alena said...

Hi Patty,
I know that it is not pleasant to experience this kind of weather but the photos are just stunning, thanks for sharing them...

Jacran Cottage said...

I really like the photo of the woodshop surrounded by trees. It looks like a secluded cabin. I can imagine a curl of smoke coming out of a chimney that would make it a warm an cosy place to quietly while away an hour or two (or more!).

Jackie in ON

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