Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Evening Meal

By lamplight we had our evening meal. Hot soup with warm baking powder biscuits. Topped off with some mince pie.
Outside the air is nippy, and with heavy cloud cover there is no moon, making the night dark.
Melissa was telling me how cold it is up in Vermont which made me feel spoiled by our comparatively warm temperatures. I remember that kind of cold and it takes your breath away.
She and I talked a bit about how cold it was doing the milking on cold winter mornings. Frozen fingers and cold wet skirt hems from watering the animals.
The weather man has said we are in for more of this wintry weather. Snow and sleet remain in the forecast for quite a while.
Emery is on his way to the woodshed to bring in more wood for the morning. It seems like an endless job right now. My living room floor is covered daily with what I call "wood crumbs". Bits of bark and wood from the logs. Somehow they scatter all over the place which makes for lots of sweeping.
As the evening winds down, I am thinking it might be time to add one more quilt to our bed. I am ready for a good nights sleep, its been a busy day and I am tired.

Here is the recipe I use for baking powder biscuits. For light fluffy biscuits, make sure you don't handle the dough very much and when you cut them out, make sure not to twist the cutter. Cutting straight down will ensure biscuits that raise nice and tall.

Baking Powder Biscuits

1-3/4 cups flour
1 Tbsp. Baking Powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/3 cup butter
3/4 cup milk

PREHEAT oven to 450°F.
Mix flour, baking powder and salt in large bowl.
Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
Add milk; stir with fork until soft dough forms.

PLACE on lightly floured surface;
knead 20 times or until smooth.
Pat or roll lightly until dough is 1/2-inch thick.
Cut with floured 2-inch cookie cutter to make 16 biscuits,
rerolling dough scraps as necessary.
Place on ungreased baking sheet.
BAKE 10 minutes or until golden brown.


Kelli said...

Sounds like a wonderful, cozy day, Patty. Your meal looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Your table and meal are so inviting. I feel warm and loved just looking at the photo. You have a great eye.

Jacran Cottage said...

Do you really find lamplight sufficient lighting? I have an oil lamp that sits beside my kitchen sink and sometimes I light it and use that to do the dishes (changes a dreary job to something completely different!). I can manage the dishes, but if I want to wipe the stove-top or the counters I have to turn a light on.

I can't imagine having to do everyday things by that kind of light.

Your table looks great. I'm going to have to look for some kind of small pot that will fit my woodstove and try cooking (or at least warming up) a meal or two.

Jackie in ON

Patty said...

Hi Jackie,
Lamplight is not great for everything. If you want to make a real investment, Aladdin lamps put out the same amount of light as a 60 watt light bulb. Having them hanging up or wall mounted with a reflector behind them greatly improves the amount of light.
We have electric lights too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe for Baking Powder Biscuits. I've often wished I had learned how momma made her buttermilk biscuits. For some reason when I was growing up, hanging out in the kitchen just wasn't as fun as being out on the farm with Daddy.

When I was 24 she passed away and I have never been able to make good biscuits. I so wish I could pick up the phone and call her to have her tell me how. ~Bonnie

PS - I shared a good recipe on my blog today for EASY and really good OREO Truffles.

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