Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cold and Ice, a Winter Morning

Frozen rain is falling, the air is below freezing making everything a mess outside. They are saying now we may have up to 1 1/2 inch of ice this weekend. On the news they were telling people to expect power outages. If that happens it won't bother us much. Kerosene lamps burn brightly this morning, and the wood stove is keeping the house toasty warm.
I sat in my rocker next to the fire, newly made beeswax candle burning next to me on the window sill, the fire in the woodstove making me feel sleepy, the whirl of the spinning wheel adding to that sleepy feeling that was creeping over me. I feel certain if this kept up, I would want to hibernate for the entire weekend.
Before sleep could overcome me, it occurred to me that I would like to capture this very moment with the camera. Around me the room feels so comfortable and I wanted to share that with you. Silence filling the spaces in between the ticking of the clock. It's only morning time but still a nap sounds good. We had a hearty breakfast of hot cereal, eggs and toast before the chickens were even awake, but still I haven't been awake long enough to merit a nap.
Emery is working this morning so I find myself glancing often out the window to see if the roads are iced over yet. I worry about him driving home in this nasty winter storm. Glad he is only three miles away, and no big highways to get on. The sleet and frozen rain have stopped so time to try out that new barn bonnet and head outside to check the critters and take some pictures. Maybe a blast of winter air on my face will wake me up a bit too.

A little bit of home


Little Jenny Wren said...

Isn't it the most wonderful feeling , falling asleep near the woodstove. It is always such a deep refreshing nap.

Jacran Cottage said...

We had our woodstove going last night, and it made me feel sleepy as well! I love my woodstove.

Patty, I notice that you have a shelf behind the stovepipe. The guy to came to clean our chimney said I couldn't have anything closer to the stovepiple than 12 inches. That doesn't give me enough room for a mantle/shelf. How close is your shelf to the stovepipe? I doesn't look any further from the wall than mine.

Jackie in ON

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