Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lunch Time

Picked myself up by the bootstraps and planned a fun lunch with Emery at the office.
Got myself all fancied up, make-up, nice clothes, fixed hair and headed off to the market. Picked up a baguette, cheese, sliced turkey, some sparkling grape juice, delightful dark chocolate and some fresh fruit. Putting each item carefully in my little hand held basket, imagining myself in some outdoor market. We cleared off Emery's desk and set three places since Casi works for the same company, we joyfully get to include him in this indoor picnic.
Its such a nice way to break up the day. Something different, something special. And certainly better than Emery's usual peanut butter sandwich.
Now time to change around a few things in the living room to make it less dark feeling to me. I'll add a bit more color and perhaps a bit of lace here and there.
The sky is now blue, dotted with tiny white clouds. It almost feels spring like, except for the chilly north wind.


Rowan said...

Glad you've perked up a bit. I know what you mean about grey and brown, we've had that sort of winter here too, mild and wet with lots of grey skies. Today was almost springlike though, in spite of a cool wind. I went out and did some work in the garden - only an hour or so but it felt good to be working outside. Glad to hear that Melanie is doing well, Francesca is hanging on and hopefully will keep going until the end of February when they will induce her at 37 weeks. With the pre- eclampsia she may not get that far though.

Patty said...

Hi Rowen,
I am keeping Francesca in my thoughts and prayers.
Today was sunny and warmer here too, maybe we are sharing weather !

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