Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year

Since it is New Years Day, I thought maybe it might be a good idea to talk about resolutions since so many people make them each year.
Its been years since I made new years resolutions, but I have set a few goals for myself at the beginning of a new year. This year though, at the suggestion of someone very wise, I have taken the time to think back through the past year and write down 3 accomplishments for the year.
It took some time to sort through the things I had done and write down the 3 that have impacted my life the most.
Feel free to do the same thing and if you wish, share them here by way of comment, you never know who you may inspire.

#1 Join the gym and seriously commit to getting in shape. Its helped me feel good about myself, feel better, more energy, it has made me realize I am indeed aging, which was an eye opener for me. It has also helped me stay focused on loosing weight.

#2 Read a book and act on what I had read. Work on putting into practice things that have changed my life in so many ways. This book has given me direction and had me look very honestly at my life. "Finding Your Own North Star"

#3 Seeing all three of our children married to wonderful, kind and loving spouses. It felt like this year with two weddings, an aspect of motherhood is finished and I feel so good about the children we have raised.


Anonymous said...

Your #3 is powerful and a definate future goal of mine, as my kids are younger. 3 goals I accomplished in 2006: I continued my exercise plan through the whole year of running 20 miles a week with outstanding running partners; I put energy and prayer into my family, usually by starting off the day reading something inspiring, and then woring it into my life; I co-authored my first book with my husband, my soul-mate in life.
Thank you for sharing your goals with us! Very inspiring.

Gina said...

Thank you for sharing! I am still pondering the question about being a grown up. I used to think of 40 as being so grown up and mature. Now that I am here, I don't know that I feel that way. But what is that feeling? You have the wheels of my mind turning.

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