Sunday, January 21, 2007

The View From Inside a Buggy

When I was going through pictures today, I found this group of photos that Steven took from inside his buggy when he was up north in the Amish community. It occurred to me that probably not many people now a days have had the view from a buggy, looking at the world over the back of a horse. There is something rather soothing about the sound of a horses hooves on the road and the whole trip would be fun provided no cars whizzed by. More than once when the girls had the pony cart out on the road, someone would drive close and beep the horn, even 18 wheelers would do that. It always caught the poor pony off guard. Good thing the girls were good drivers and the pony was good on the road.
Stevens horse was an ex-race horse. Fast out of the gate, shall we say, and would bolt. More than once Steven had burning brakes trying to slow the horse down. An amusing sight in my mind, to see an speeding Amish buggy with smoke coming from the brakes. Steven assures me there is nothing amusing about it at all. Steven is very happy owning a car now.
I have had fun going through pictures today. So many farm pictures and pictures that spark memories that were buried under more recent happenings.


Anonymous said...

Oooo, I really loved these pictures, I can almost feel myself riding along : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and thanks for the ride

Jacran Cottage said...

When my Mum was visiting a couple of years ago I took her to Lancaster County in PA (a place I'd wanted to visit for years). While there we took a buggy ride with an Amish gentleman. I really enjoyed it, but the one thing that stood out in my mind was that as we drove along he was talking about the way they plant the corn in the fields and you could actually see the individual stalks of corn as we drove along.

I sometimes think about this as I drive along the highways and the scenery whizzes past me. I much prefer to take the back roads when I can, and avoid highway driving. The back roads I take are often not paved so I drive slower, and I think of that buggy drive.

We live in an area where there is a large Mennonite community so I'm accustomed to seeing buggies on the road. My favourite bulk food store is a little out of the way and is run by a very nice Mennonite woman. I was talking to her just after the holidays and she said she didn't get to visit one of her relatives because it was too far of a buggy ride. For me to drive there would be about 45 mins. Such a different way of life.

Jackie in ON

PS ... I haven't seen any buggies speeding by, but I've seen them in the dark and in terrible winter weather.

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