Saturday, January 06, 2007

More of Just Another Day

The afternoon crept by slowly as if time was moving in slow motion. That is not a complaint.
I worked on an afghan for my grandbaby and have half the squares done now. What joy to be making something for a new generation.
Around 3 it was time to let the chickens out of the chicken house, gather eggs and feed the critters. Also had to bring in a load of clothes off the line. The first thing I noticed was how chilly it had become since this morning. The clouds flew past me, changing the sky from blue with fluffy white clouds to a sky filled with grays and darker gray. The old rooster Solomon was not very happy about the new fella going after all the hens. Solomon is slow now, age and huge spurs on his legs make him unable to run very fast. Plus he is the size of a turkey so he sure can't fly.
The hens seemed unsure of this new kid on the block with his raging hormones. Solomon was running as best as he could to try and save his hens from this young one. I had to laugh watching them. It took me a long time to get the clothes off the line I was so busy watching the show.
Everything around me seemed so alive and so full of energy. It was as if the miracle of life was felt from the grass to the sky. The wind shifted and sent a whiff of smoke to where I was working, it smelled so good. So homey.
By the time I got the clothes folded and brought in, my hands were cold and a chill came over me. I was anxious to sit beside the fire and crochet some, but the fire was just one nearly burned up log, the smoke just a last dying message from the fire. I was so happy for the red hot coals that with the help of the bellows and some small logs below a big one, I coaxed a cheery fire in no time, sitting on my little stool by the hearth, my body thawed out and warmth filled the room. While the crochet hook flew in my hands and pinks, blues, yellow, green and white yarn became little granny squares, waves of smoke passed by the window, like smoky waterfalls pushed and blown by the wind. Perfect, that is all I can say. The moment was perfect. So full of comfort and contentment.
With supper time approaching now, thoughts of biscuits, with creamy chicken and vegetables poured over them seemed the right kind of meal on such a day. Simple, basic and so full of comfort.
Its night time now and the living room is hot. That's how it is with wood heat. You are cold, then warm then hot if you keep that fire going good. Emery has locked up the chickens, keeping them safe from the wild creatures out there and he also brought in wood for the mornings fire.
The heat has made us both sleepy. Time for bed, early tonight.
Just another day in my life.

Solomon, looking rather big

The new guy on the block, still just a youngster but quick on his feet

Getting the fire to come to life again

The baby afghan for Melanie and Casi's baby, half done making the squares


Emily said...

Hi Patty...nice post. I almost felt like I was sitting in front of the fire all warm and comfy for a moment there. :) Your roosters are beautiful. What breed are they? We just love our pair of handsome young Red Stars who grew up together and get along famously. They are so "gentlemanly" with the ladies; it makes me laugh to see their courting behavior as though they were asking permission. When they are rebuffed, they even take rejection gracefully, and simply walk away in a dignified manner. :)

Patty said...

Hi Emily,
Our Solomon is an Araucana and the young one is looking like a cros of Araucana and Rhode Island Red. They both are quite tame. Solomon came from a hatchery but the young, yet un-named fellow was hatched out by one of our hens.
They are quite amuzing to watch as they approach the ladies

Anonymous said...

Your log burner looks so inviting! I love the sound of a 'real' fire - we only have 'a coal-effect gas fire' which looks good, but doesn't make the right sound! DH says we live in a smokeless zone, nobody has a real fire.

Anonymous said...

Ya know it was just last night I was sewing and thinking of you and your new gandbabies on the way and wondering if you were going to be making either of them baby quilts to use... I don't recall you posting any quilting progress on your blog in quite some time.

I love the blocks you have made so far for the afaghan. My aunt made one for me and gave to me at my baby shower. It was the last gift I opened and I cried like a baby b/c I could appreciate all the hard work and many hours she put into making it for me. Everyone in the room was wipping tears from their eyes too.

She said she got to going and didn't know when to quit and appoligized for it being so big.... but we love it being big b/c for a while dh and I would use it to cover up in on those late nights of having to stay in the baby's room until she got to sleep. Now dd uses it as a bed spread on her big girl toddler bed :)

Happy Weekend ~ Bonnie

Patty said...

Hi Bonnie,
I have one blue and yellow baby quilt done, that I had made before I even knew we had a grandbaby on the way. Monday we should know if I should be making pink or blue things and then I will get busy and make a quilt or two or three. A baby can never have too many quilts !

Anonymous said...

The new baby blocks are so pretty! And the rooster --- reminds me of one that we used to have. He loved to chase the boys. It was a game that originally the boys started, and then regretted! LOL!


Anonymous said...

They sure are handsome chickens! I love to sit by the fire and knit - but since it's never cold enough for a fire, it's just a memory for me now :-) We have some bellows just like that but they now hang on the wall with nothing to do LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,
I have been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy it. I love the pictures you share of your homestead as well as your thoughts.I do have a question for you though. I was wondering if the cobalt based oil lamps are antique of new. We have a large collection of antique qnd some new oil lamps and I showed my husband yours and asked if we could get one like yours. Hope you have a very blessed day! Gail

Paige said...

Beautiful roosters. The granny squares look great. I sadly can not do this any more the "carpel tunnel" has taken its tole, with a box full of yarn, hooks galore and patterns out of this world in my cupboard. I have a replacement-I take photos.

Patty said...

Gail the lamps are from Lehmans non-electric catalog. You can check them out at
We have wall mount cobalt blue lamps along with the table lamp.
Our son picked our lamps up for us when he was part of the amish community up in that area.

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