Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Does Your Life Stand For ?

People don't seem to ask, " what does your life stand for ?" It seems like an odd question but really its an important one. To know what a person you meet stands for, what their life goal is would tell you a great deal about that person.
In the book, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and its all small stuff" there is a chapter that talks about developing your own helping rituals. He regularly takes his children out with him to gather up liter. Its a great way to teach his children the world is bigger than they are. It's and act that benefits others as well. It is an act of Kindness. The author is showing his children one of the things they stand for as a family.
In the first lines of this chapter, he writes..."If you want your life to stand for peace and kindness, its a helpful way to do kind, peaceful things."
Wise words.
For me, and my husband, we want our lives to stand for peace and kindness. Those two things are very important to us. Its not always easy to be kind and feel peaceful, but its a worthwhile goal. Something to strive for. To be aware of these goals in all our actions. I am the first one to admit, I have much work to be do in these areas.
In this world we are given so many opportunities to be kind and choose peace over conflict.

Japanese Gardens at Ft Worth Botanic Garden

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smilnsigh said...

I'm catching up with Blog reading, and was again struck by how you always give things to ponder.

Now I don't always totally agree with each and every thing you write. And you'd not agree with each and every thing, I'd write on deep subjects. {pardon caps but I mean them, just as deep emphasis} AND THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE!

We don't have to totally agree, to enjoy people's Blogs. In my view, we bounce around in Blog Land, to savor this here, and that there, and something else, somewhere else.

I'm for enjoying my reading. Not for debating anyone. {if you get my drift? -smmmile}


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