Classic Winnie the Pooh for Baby

What fun I am having preparing for two grandbabies. It is easier making things for Melanie as I know her likes and dislikes and what style baby things she wants, where with Priscilla, I just don't know her taste in things yet.
Last night after we finished eating, the two girls and I sat in the guest room and went through some of the baby things and they each took big bags of wee things home with them. I have plenty to go around. It was fun watching them light up with all the tiny little clothing.
The dishes never got done last night, they had to wait till today but it was worth it to spend the time together looking at all the baby things.
Today I worked on the classic Winnie the Pooh quilt for Melanie and Casi's baby. It was just a cheater quilt top, backed with a cream color flannel that is as soft as a kitten. The whole time I was quilting it on the machine, I was thinking about the tiny one that will be wrapped up in it and my heart was so filled with joy in putting each stitch in.
Melanie wanted an afghan to match the colors of the babies room so finished that up today too. She chose the yarn when we were at Hobby Lobby the last time.
Tonight I started an afghan for Steven and Priscilla's baby. Priscilla picked out some yarn from my growing supply of baby yarn.
What fun to becoming a grandparent.


Anonymous said…
The quilt and afghan are just lovely.
Alena said…
Beautiful things, the quilt looks so real - not cheater at all :o)))
lucky baby...
Anonymous said…
I love the quilt!!! Those girls are so lucky they have you...
Kelli said…
How beautiful and the afghan matches perfectly!

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