Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sprinkled with Powdered Sugar

Last night the beginnings of a sore throat was felt. I loaded up on herbs and went to bed, only to spend the night tossing and turning, woken over and over by the pain of a sore throat.
This morning I couldn't even talk. The woodstove was tenderly fired up by my beloved before I was out of bed. The kettle hissing away in a jiffy. ThroatCoat Tea really hit the spot. Soothing the inflammation.
One look out the door made me sigh, how I wish it I could go wander the land and snap picture after picture of this land covered in frost that looks so much as if some giant had sprinkled the land with powdered sugar. A white dusting of frost covering everything. Sparkling in the morning sun. It was magical, no, it was a gift from the Creator. No magic at all.
I opened the front door, took one step beyond the screen and snapped one picture. The cold was felt to my very core, the slight fever I have, making the cold air uncomfortable.
For most of the morning I watched the service for former President Gerald Ford. It was inspirational to say the least. I shed more than a couple tears watching it.
What struck me was that with all the accomplishments of the man, and many were mentioned, what was more, was that he was a good man. Honest, sincere, honorable and that he was willing to do what he believed was best rather than go for what was the best political move for him.
It was mentioned that men of that generation, those that fought a war for this nation, went in to the military as young men and came home men. Grown men. It was also mentioned that when he was a young man growing up, and his family hit some hard times as most did in the depression, he got a part time job and helped the family. Perhaps as a nation we are now soft from years of prosperity, never knowing hardships for the most part. Maybe that's why so many of us are just now realizing we need to grow up.
Maybe growing up is knowing when to stop being so centered on self and coming to the realization that there is a big world out there with young folks that need to see in action the wisdom that comes from years of life experience, hardships, loss and faith.
Perhaps the young people need to see us be wise instead of see us as unwilling to leave childish things behind. If your 21 year old is skateboarding every day instead of working, maybe he or she is taking clues from you that growing up is something to be avoided.

the land sprinkled with "powder sugar" frost
Morning cup of Throat Coat Tea, the big piece of pottery behind the mug is one of the things Emery gave me for Christmas. It came from Homestead Heritage


Gina said...

Oh no! I'm getting that throat thing, and I thank you for the Throat Coat tip. I agree with about the messages we send our youth. I'm harping on Joe that he needs to push his nearly-19yo son to get a little job just to pay for gas money to get him to/from college and take out friends! Personally, I must spend some serious time devoted to pondering my own adulthood and growth. I want to be a child in terms of wonder and awe, but I need to be an adult about living in the world.

My word verification is: soulgavb
I think it's a message.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I sure hope you get over your sore throat quickly. We have one family here that swears by pineapple for a sore throat. They eat pineapple and drink the juice.

I LOVE your pottery. That is gorgeous.

Patty said...

Got myself some pineapple Marci. Thanks for the hint

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