Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Joy of Simple Living

As I went outside to get some fire wood and do my afternoon chores, a feeling of awe came over me. The world around me was held in a moment of silence. No cars driving down our road, no sounds of mankind, just those of nature. A strange animal noise came from the woods, not one I could recognize. I strained to listen more closely, hoping to hear it again.
Birds in abundance flying from tree to tree and from one feeder to another. The sound of ice covered branches squeaking in the wind. A sound only found on such winter days. Under my feet, the sound of snow and frozen grass, crunching.
It feels so rich, so almost holy, this freedom from mankind sounds. If I listen closely, I can hear the sound of my breath.
I feel so alive, so blessed, so full of thankfulness for this simple life. No running here or there, just content at home. The man next door calls a cheery hello to me. Time to get on with my chores. I head to the woodshed and start loading our wood carrier, an old wheelchair. I fill the seat full of wood, and start my trek to the house, the wheels need some oil it seems. The cats follow me, unsure of the cold wet stuff under their feet.
A pie sounds good to go with supper tonight. I mentally went through what ingredients I had on hand and decided a mince pie would work our quite nicely . Soup and freshly made home made biscuits for our meal. No biscuit mix for me. I love the job of cutting the butter into the flour and deciding the right moment to add the other ingredients. It's a time to talk to God, this mindless task of biscuit making, done so often it takes no thought.
I love my simple life. So uncomplicated and so full of a deep peace.

Mince pie cooling, a mug of cold milk and my favorite winter reading

Robins, hopping around the yard


Anonymous said...

It's always such a joy and a blessing to read your blog!

Jacran Cottage said...

Ummm ... that pie looks good. What is the book you are reading?

Beautifully set up photo by the way.

Jackie in ON

Anonymous said...

Patty,in my book The Lilypad List: 7 steps to the simple life I wrote "Simple living is delight-filled living". And that idea is illustrated so beautifully in the words you posted today.
Those moments of awe, of looking and listening and feeling and tasting the world around us and feeling fully alive, are almost impossible to describe adequately, but when I read your 'Morning Ramble' I knew immediately that you experience those moments in exactly the same way that I do.
If it were possible to bottle such moments and sell them, people would pay hundreds of dollars for them and yet they don't realise that by changing the way the live they could have them for free -- every single day! How ironic that is.
I woke up just before dawn this morning, and I lay there for quite a while, enjoying the peace and warmth of bed and feeling comfortable and well rested. Then, softly and quietly at first - almost tentatively - came the very first note of birdsong from the tree outside the window, slicing oh so gently into the silence. What a beautiful way to start the day.

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