The Blessing of Free-cycle

Today this Grannie to be was very blessed by a kind person on our local Free-cycle list. I was in need of a diaper changing table for the wee ones that will be arriving soon. One was available on our local Freecycle list and I was the blessed recipient.
We picked up this lovely baby changing table tonight. Its is great shape and will work out perfect for me to have here at the house.
If you have never been a part of a Free-cycle list for your area, consider it. Its a great way to pass along things no longer needed, help someone with a need and as in my case tonight, provide something we needed.Instead of things going to the landfill or catching dust in the back corner of the garage, you pass it along to someone who can use it.
One time we got a cell phone for Melissa after hers had been stolen in Austin. Its just a wonderful system of sharing.
Yahoo groups lists many freecycle lists, so check it out. My next wish is cotton diapers !


Anonymous said…
I subscribe to a local freecycle group, and it's been wonderful to give and receive items that might have gone into the trash otherwise.
Carrie J said…
Oh, it pretty! I'm on Freecycle too. We have dining room and hallway light fixtures from there. It is a great way to help out others and recycle at the same time.
Anonymous said…
I love Freecycle too! It's such a great resource for everyone involved and keeps useful things out of the landfill.
Jacran Cottage said…
That is a very nice change table! I've heard of freecycle but I've never used it.

You must be just about prepared for the grandbaby now.

Jackie in ON
Anonymous said…
It's beautiful! I love that it's wood and 'real'. Very nice!!!
Anonymous said…
What a great changing table. I knew nothing about the free list. I will have to check it out. I can get rid of stuff or maybe pick up something I want.
Anonymous said…
That is a lovely change table - I love the little cupboard underneath :-) I checked it out, and we even have a Freecycle where we are too.

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