Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Farm Home

The Farm House

Myrtle Vorst Sheppard

Peace dwells here, and quiet security:
and love, stripped bare of selfishness,
makes homely tasks beneath this roof
true sacraments. Here breaking of the
family bread, and story hours, and tucking
babes in bed are joyous highlights
of the day. Within these walls a strong
man's gallant heart is fed. This is a
place apart, serene beneath the loving
hand of God: a spot that travelers mark
....where yellow lamplight on the snow
becomes a beacon light to those who go,
uplifted, past in the dark.

It is my prayer that all our homes be as this poem speaks.
Emery in the glow of the lamp light bringing in the final load of wood for the night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patty! Just popped in, and I had a chuckle at the similarities between our table and yours tonight, and the unending feeding of the black dragons. We had leftover lentil soup/lamb roast bits/can of bacon beans soup with cornbread tonight. Except my son brings in the wood, and do you think I can get him to wear a coat?! I'll try your biscuit recipe! Good nite, Celeste

Anonymous said...

Patty, I just love the poem you shared. I have never encountered that before. I'm so glad you posted it! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo-- You're one of the good ones... go to your blog properties... put a check in the box that does not allow anonymous comments and then go about your life....

Patty said...

I ended up ending anonymus comments, at least for a time. So many had requested I take them as they didn't have acounts with blogger

JoAnn said...

I am so glad someone suggested that you not take anonymous comments. I felt like you were being just too nice in doing so, when most bloggers don't allow them. Your readers do not want to read the negative either. You have too many good things to say and it shouldn't be ruined by negative comments. JoAnn TN

Anonymous said...


good morning from California!

I'm one of your probably many, anonymous readers (anyonymous at least in the sense that I've never posted before). I've been reading your blog off and on for a few months and am touched by the honesty you share, by your willingness to show the trials as well as the blessings of life.

Isn't that what helps us make connections? The recognition in each other that life isn't always easy, even if we're better off compared to someone else. But likewise, there's the recognition that we can find beauty in our lives even if we're not better off than someone else.

I was watching this recent friction with the anonymous poster and though I'm in no position to offer advice in any direction, I just thought I'd pass along a little something from Buddhist practice that might help.

It probably stems from meditation students who get completely absorbed in whatever visions might occur during deep meditation - the Zen master is usually recorded as saying something like, "Don't get lost in the pleasant sensations, and likewise don't be repulsed by the negative. Take the middle path."

In this culture we're socialized (especially women) to react personally to both praise and blame. They both have something to teach us when we can step back a little and not take them as something we "own" or as something that attacks our identities.

Maybe this is just a reminder that when something we perceive as negative comes our way, take a chance to breathe. Even if someone thinks everything you do is completely wrong, and expresses it in a way that makes your hackles stand up, that doesn't detract from your inherently beautiful essence.

best wishes.


(on a side note, I'd been thinking of 'unveiling' my somewhat new blog in the next few weeks, but your new 'anonymous prevention' program just kicked me into being brave about it a little sooner!)

Patty said...

Yes, neighbor you are so right. For years I have studied buddhism and gained so much. It has helped me gain clarity in regards to the path I have chosen. The part that counts for me though is putting into practics what is learned intellectually : ) I am working on that part.
Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it so much

Anonymous said...

I have a tendency toward wordiness - glad my meaning was useful in spite of that fault!

Thanks also, Patty, for being the first person to ever post a comment over at Temporary Reality!

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