Saturday, January 06, 2007

Just another day

The coolness of the morning, no wait, it was actually chilly, kissed my face and made me hide under the covers like a small child, trying to find that warm spot and perhaps fool myself into thinking I could just stay in bed until it was warm in the house. The wood stove died down many hours ago, while in the night a cold wind blew into North Texas, reminding us that its not spring time yet.
Emery put his jacket on over his pajamas and got the stove going while I sat on the sofa wrapped in an afghan. My cold is hanging on and making me feel lazy and a bit sorry for myself.
Soon the house was toasty warm and time for me to get some breakfast going. Scrambled eggs cooking in the cast iron skillet, home made bread toasting and filling the air with that good smell toast gives off. Coffee perking away on the back of the stove.
I noticed Emery munching on a few cookies as soon as his eggs were done. Silly boy, cookies for breakfast !
Off to work he went with a baggie of cookies for Casi since he was working today too.
I was told to stay put today since I had been coughing a lot but like I said before, keeping put is not something I do very well.
Pulled my red boots on, threw on a jacket, grabbed my camera and went off for a walk in the woods behind our house. They are rather mysterious woods, filled with creepy sounds and in the dusk, great yellow eyes seem to pop out of the trees. Owls hoot and coyotes howl in that corner of the world. As I went through the gate, little Tuk Tuk was right beside me, he acts more like a dog than a cat. He marched through the gate and kept up with each step I took. If I stopped, he stopped and sat. We walked for quite a ways, all the way to that great cut through the earth that forms a deep creek bed.
This silly cat was purring the entire walk, loud as a lion.
We saw so many interesting things, trees bending with age, trees in what appeared as a lovers embrace. Green springing up from the moist soil of the woods, pushing their way through the decaying leaves. It seems far too early for such spring birth.
Birds were flying from tree to tree, it seemed like some Disney movie, and I have expected to see Thumper or Bambi come into the scene.
After a bit, I reminded the sensible side of me that I was alone in these woods and probably should not venture much further. Tuk Tuk and I headed home, lots of pictures taken. Lungs filled with good fresh air which left me feeling young and invigorated.
My boots covered in dark bits of the floor of the woods, and they were wet too. I was happy that I didn't wear shoes.
There is a children's movie called Emma and Grandpa, our children loved it, its English made and is all about this child Emma who spends time with her grandfather and shows them through the seasons on simple adventures of daily life. Its so simple, so uncomplicated. Today reminded me of the kind of stroll through the woods that Emma and grandpa would have had.
Enough for now.... later I will share the rest of the morning and then the afternoon with you. Sort of a day in the life of Patty, where everything seems so wonderfully alive and full of what I like to call, "sheer profundity". .

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smilnsigh said...

Beautiful writing. Thank you.

And thank you for the suggestion of the movie called 'Emma and Grandpa.' I'll look for it, in my library. Or to rent, if we don't have it. It sounds lovely.

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