Some Additional Ice Storm Photos

The day has been filled with the wonder of is so beautiful to look at, as long as you don't have to drive in it.
I must admit, its a good thing my laundry is all caught up and there is no need to hang any on the line.


Anonymous said…
Such beautiful photos today! The ice ones are particularly so!!!
Anonymous said…
Yes, I love LOOKING at it! Thanks for the photos.
Anonymous said…
Brrrrrrr! It's so warm here today it's hard to believe you are all iced up.
Anonymous said…
Wow, what wonderful photos. Esecially the clothes-peg picture. I hope weather has normalized. Here we have nice winter weather with lots of snow.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the beautiful photos, Patty!!!
Anonymous said…
The only word I can find for these photos is "glorious". Thank you for taking these wonderful pictures. We get nothing like that here so I really enjoy the winter photos of other places around the world.
Peggy said…
looks beautiful but hope you stay warm and safe!
Jacran Cottage said…
We had freezing rain on Sunday night. Monday morning school buses weren't running, and even two of the universities nearby were closed. But I started my car about 15 mins before I had to leave and turn the heat up to defrost the windows. Only minor scraping when I was ready to leave. And the roads were so quiet and driving was fine if you just took it slowly.

You take great photos!

Jackie in ON

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