Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Morning Miracle

Morning Miracle

Georgia B. Adams

To my surprise, this morning when
I flung the shutters wide,
Soft snow had spread its downy quilt
Across the countryside.

The snow arrived with cushioned feet
While all were fast asleep:
Non heard its velvet footfall or
The hush-hush of its sweep.

Placing a pure white mantle on
Our tiny, nestled town,
So quietly, so stealthily
To earth is settled down.

I love surprises... and this morn
I flung the shutters wide
To find a downy quilt of white
Had kissed our countryside.

Ling Ling found comfort in the hay manger. While I hauled in wood, he watched me from his comfortably warm spot.

There were about 50 Robins in one of our trees. They looked cold and were busy eating some sort of berry.
Its a good day to stay put and enjoy the blessings of a toasty warm woodstove.
As I did my chores this morning, clad in a big coat, barn bonnet, a long skirt, flannel slip, and long johns, I was glad it was not laundry day.

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Great photography--- you have a gift...

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