Thank You

My dear cyber friends,
Thank you all for all your kind and uplifting comments on my blog and your faithful readership. Tonight I noticed that since March 16, 2006 I have had over 172,000 hits to this blog. I believe tonight it will hit the 173,000 mark. I am overwhelmed by this kind of response. You have all shown so much support and I appreciate it. I am blessed by each one of you. So many of you are like dear old friends who sit with me and share a cup of tea at my table.

You are all inspiring me to get that book I am writing finished and perhaps be brave enough to show it to a publisher !

Thank you again.


Anonymous said…
Your smallest wish is but our command.

Love, love, love your blog.
Anonymous said…
I read your blog every day Patty! You have a great writing style and express yourself so well. Your book/writings/pictures will be so precious to your family in years to come.
Gardengirl said…
I have been sneaking in to read your blog for a week or so. Now I think it is time for me to say hello. I like your thoughts on life and the way you live. Simple is so much more I think.
Anonymous said…

You definitely have something to say and many who are eager to listen/read. I look forward to reading your thoughts through the coming months. You seem to live in touch with the seasons and your writing reflects that. That connection to nature is so important to me in my own life as well!
Anonymous said…
I love your inspiring thoughts. You have my VOTE to get a book deal! :)
Anonymous said…
YES! go see the publisher!
Anonymous said…
Get that book finished and go find a publisher. I love reading your blog and I'm sure that any book you wrote would be wonderful.
Lucy said…
Thank YOU, Patty !!

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