Friday, January 19, 2007

A Quiet Evening

The fire is glowing, steadily. Music playing softly, calming, soothing. Incense burns in a holder on the brick hearth, filling the room with a slightly exotic scent. Rain, gently falling outside and tapping lightly on the windows. Emery is reading, and I have been crocheting. Little bits of conversation breaking the near silence. A cup of green tea shared between the two of us, we like it best that way.
The comfort and peace of this night is profound in the very essence of it. There exists no stress. Calm, like that of a time of meditation fills the room.
There are dishes still in the sink from our evening meal, and there is mail on the table, still waiting to be read, a few groceries waiting to be put in the cupboard from today's shopping. Material on the ironing board that sits in the living room but still, there is order of a higher level. Orderliness of our thoughts and direction in life perhaps. Maybe it is on such evenings that the simple life shows its finest colors. Its most profound depth.
There are so few worries in our daily life. A meal of left over soup and mince pie. No deadlines, no competitions, no race to produce "stuff" or collections.
I wish that it was possible to squeeze this night, with all its wonder into the cyber world in a tangible way, to share with you, so you could see it, feel the warmth and peace, smell the incense, hear the music and the conversation. Perhaps someday we will have video that has scent and warmth but for now, words will have to be the medium that conveys all that is around me.

Today Melanie and I went shopping for fabric for Baby Sangsvang's quilt to match the nursery. What fun we had.
I also purchased 6 DVD's for the baby to watch as he/she grows into toddlerhood. Chinese children's songs with the most delightful animation to go along with them.
What fun we are having planning for the arrival of this little one.


New fabric for the baby quilt.... I think its a boy

162 childrens songs in Chinese on 6 DVD for the baby to hear

CD playing..... Zen Tranquility
Tea..................Constant Comment Green Tea
Incense...........Quan Yin Joss Sticks

Grateful for these blessings
rain on the roof
the sound of cars driving by on the wet pavement
one big mug of tea to share with my love in life
comfortable Hanna Anderson cotton long johns
wool socks that keep toes warm
left over soup
wood heat
waiting for babies to arrive
thoughts of sweet baby breath
dreams of tiny fingers that can hold your heart
learning new things each day
good Doctors
the comfort of holding hands often
open hands
feather beds
being surrounded by love


Shellie said...

I love those Pooh prints. Where did you find them?

Congrats on the Freecycle find.

Jacran Cottage said...

Your evening sounds wonderful, so peaceful and warm and full of love and joy.

How is Melanie doing? Her health must be much better now. Is she managing to keep her sugar levels where they should be?

Jackie in ON

Patty said...

Hi Shellie,
I got most of the fabrics at our Hobby Lobby and one or two from Wal-mart

Patty said...

Hi Jackie,
Melanie is doing so much better and thanks for asking about her. She is blossoming too and its so cute.
Her blood sugars were fine until she got that nasty sore throat/cold type thing that has been going round. That made them a bit high.

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